Gryffindor (red): usage (WL) ~ above the two candles #1 afterwards once again (WL) on the pile of bricks to create the paintings. When the crest appears, create (WL) a tiny ramp indigenous the tables #2.

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Ravenclaw (blue): In Gringott"s Bank, friend will discover a silver padlock on the far right - damage it with (RD) and also pull the chain with a strong character.

Students in peril


Around the center of the Diagon Alley girlfriend will check out a table - jump onto it and also the second character will usage (WL) to lift you. The college student is upstairs.

Character tokens

Mr. Ollivander: After opening the very first passage with the goblin, head left - girlfriend will uncover a chest which have the right to be opened up with (RD).

Tom the Innkeeper: After opening the very first passage through the goblin, head best - friend will discover a chest which can be opened with (RD).

Griphook: ~ riding the cart, friend will discover a chest in the vault - open it (RD).

Out the the Dungeons

Hogwarts Crests

Gryffindor (red): In the corridor resulting in the bathroom, you will uncover nine vases - use magic top top them and flowers will appear.

Slytherin (green): about the center of the road, when you reach the fountain, litter (WL) 3 chicken pieces into the fountain.

Ravenclaw (blue): you will find deactivated ring lamps on the wall. 4 in the corridor, three in the bathroom, all together seven lamps to rotate on through (WL).

Hufflepuff (yellow): use (RD) on the silver take care of by the fountain and also turn ~ above the water (WL).

Students in peril

Ron (Girl Disguise): review the indicators on the shelf at the start of the corridor. You have the right to do it only with a personality holding a book.

Harry (Hogwarts): Right prior to entering the ladies" bathroom, friend will discover a desk with a silver lock - use (RD).

Madam Malkin: In the bathroom on the shelf on the left girlfriend will find a blockade - eliminate it through (RD).

A Jinxed Broom

Hogwarts Crests

Gryffindor (red): You will discover seven poles throughout the level. Usage (WL) on every to raise the flag. They"re really tough to miss.

Ravenclaw (blue): when you will have to set the bricks to relocate on, ar them the other means round so that you have the right to jump come the second component of the crest.

Hufflepuff (yellow): ~ going up the brick stairs friend will discover a blockade which friend can damage with (RD). On the left friend will uncover pixies stop a chest - usage (IM).

Slytherin (green): After opening the trapdoor, prior to you go up the ladder, jump over the door on the left (sideways) and use (DM) ~ above the barrel at the end.

Students in peril

Right after ~ the tunnel and also getting up the brick stairs girlfriend will discover a blockade which you can ruin with (RD).

Character tokens

Harry (Girl Disguise): after getting to the trapdoor, switch to Ron and use Scabbers. The token is below the stairway - it"s covered.

Marcus Flint: right after developing the staircase from bricks, girlfriend will uncover a closet on the left - usage (DM) top top it.

The limited Section

Hogwarts Crests

Gryffindor (red): check out the indicators on the shelf in the corner of the first room (by the statue top top the right side). You can do it only with a character holding a book.

Hufflepuff (yellow): usage magic on six vases - lowers will pop out. Four can be found in the first room, two in the next.

Slytherin (green): In the last room with the winter you will discover three spider-webs - tear down the spider v magic.

Ravenclaw (blue): After getting the spider-ingredient, usage (DM) on the spider-web and destroy all the plants.

Students in peril

In the 2nd room, usage (RD) on the cage and then (WL) to obtain some bricks. Rally (WL) a clock native them. Rotate on the clock (WL) and also the student will be saved.

Character tokens

Neville (pyjamas): In the last room, usage (DM) top top the showcase top top the right.

The Forbidden Forest

Hogwarts Crests

Hufflepuff (yellow): usage magic on three yellow flowers. The first one is right alongside the college student in peril, the 2nd can be found after climbing up the 2nd ladder and also the 3rd one is alongside the second, listed below a hive.

Hagrid: Right alongside the pile of bricks you need to arrange there"s a chest - open it v a spell (RD).

Draco (Hogwarts): after ~ making the brick staircase you will discover a black sphere - usage (DM) ~ above it.

Face that the Enemy

Hogwarts Crests

Gryffindor (red): ~ jumping into the underground, friend will uncover a chest in the back. Firstly get rid of the Devil"s Snare (LS) and also then open up the chest (RD).

Slytherin (green): In the room with the paris keys, damage all the small, silver keys. There room ten of castle in total - usage (RD).

Ravenclaw (blue): at the ago of the chessboard friend will uncover a chest - open it with (RD). Get onto the steed once that jumps out.

Hufflepuff (yellow): top top the chessboard, on the component closer to the screen, you will see a destroyed tower - use (DM) ~ above it.

Students in peril

In the room with the flying keys, paris up utilizing a broom and on the appropriate you will discover a stone ledge. Best behind the there"s a hole extended with Devil"s Snare - use (LS) to complimentary the student.

Character tokens

Harry (Slytherin Disguise): In the room with the flying keys you will discover a clogged closet top top the appropriate - usage (RD).

Professor Quirrell (Voldemort): ~ above the chessboard, right by the entrance, friend will find a damaged Queen - usage (DM) on it.

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