This overview will display you just how to accomplish 100% completion on the LEGO Star Wars: The finish Saga level 4, Mos Espa Pod Race.

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The video will show you what is compelled to 100% the level with extr detail below for each part. Every LEGO Star Wars: The complete Saga levels require you to discover ten minikits and also a red brick in order come 100%

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Minikit #1 (00:24):You’ll go into a cavern with pink crystals scattered around, the minikit is daunting to miss as the is best in the center of the path.

Minikit #2 (00:29):In the canyon where the sand people are shooting in ~ you, in former of the an increase on the left, you’ll see the minikit.

Minikit #3 (00:34):Coming the end of that canyon, the right turn, the minikit is at the end of the heat of flags.

Minikit #4 (00:35):Straight after ~ the previous minikit, the following minikit can be found under one archway.

Minikit #5 ( 00:39):There’s a right where you’re paris under arches, the minikit is at the end of the straight.

Minikit #6 (00:43):In the last stretch of the lap, over there is a minikit at the begin of the an initial booster.

Minikit #7 (00:47):In the final stretch of the lap, there is a minikit just prior to you cross the complete line.

Minikit #8 (00:51):There is a large jump near the beginning of the lap. On the second lap, you must spot this minikit just prior to the jump.

Minikit #9 (00:56):There is a large jump close to the beginning of the lap. ~ above the last lap, you need to spot this minikit turn off to the right of the main path.

Minikit #10 (01:01):After the ar with the big holes in the ground, over there is a TIE fighter gate. Use a TIE to open the gate and also fly increase the ramp because that the minikit.

Red Brick – strength Brick Detector (01:12):In the area with the large holes in the ground, head left that the main holes because that the red brick.

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