Does "Let me understand if girlfriend have any questions" average that over there is no should reply uneven you have a question?

I obtain informational emails occasionally that end with some type of "Let me recognize if girlfriend have any questions" or "Let me understand with any questions", for this specific instance it"s my landlord telling me around scheduled maintenance of the elevators.

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Should i reply with a brief thank you or need to I no reply anything unless I have actually a question?


As a issue of the Language, "let me know if ..." has actually no implication of inquiry a solution if the conditional is no met.

As a matter of etiquette, it does not matter if you answer or not, and would usually depend on context.

In a agency with 2000 people, i am sure the sender the the email would certainly not be happy to get flooded through 1995 "thank you" responses and also have problem finding the 5 human being who need additional information native them.

In a scenario prefer you defined where the landlord sent an e-mail to a grasp of people, it would be okay either way. It"s more polite to answer "thank you", but some human being might watch that as overdoing it, and also certainly no one would certainly think any less of girlfriend for no responding "thank you" come a massive email.


No an answer is required if you do not have questions, although it would be polite to check receipt through a an easy message like "Thank you, I have actually no questions at present" or other similar.


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