One of the most usual reasons why a trunk won't close is because the latch or striker gets misaligned which is usual after an accident. 

If your trunk doesn"t close, study the latch and the hinge where it connects come the car"s body.

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Either the these could have end up being bent out of shape or damaged, avoiding the trunk from closing. In addition, if the automobile has been in an accident or rear-ended, the frame may be bent, and also the latch might not be aligned properly. 

Common Problems

These are several of the most common problems why a trunk won"t close. 

1. Trunk no closing 


Latch assembly has an interior failure. You can solve this trouble by replacing the whole latch assembly.

2. Stems striker misaligned 


When a striker is misaligned, this will reason the latch to miss out on the striker and result in a stems closing problem. You may loosen the striker’s 2 bolts and re-align to resolve this problem.

3. Latch misalignment as result of rear-end collision


Due come collision the, metal holding the striker may move out of location; together a result, the latch would certainly not enhance the striker. The remedy for this is to have the metal repaired and also re-align the striker.

3. Trunk not opening


Sometimes, latch vibration, age, and also corrosion can damages release level, or the latch release lever may break and an outcome in the trunk not opening. The solution is to change the totality latch assembly.

4. Relax cable’s plastic retainer damaged.

The damaged plastic retainer may an outcome in cable misalignment, thus avoiding the ideal directional pull to the relax lever. To remediate this, you require to replace the release cable.

5. Relax cable misaligned 

The misaligned cable, like a damaged release lever or damaged plastic retainer, may result in a damaged link between a driver’s relax lever and the latch. You might resolve this by realigning the relax cable.

6. Damaged electrical latch release solenoid

A damaged electrical latch relax solenoid may also an outcome in the trunk no opening from an electrical release switch or fob open trunk command.



First, examine to make certain the stems aligns properly. 

Check voltage from the connectors. If no 12 volts is identified while pushing the relax switch, there might be a trouble with the wiring; else, if there space 12 volts when the switch is pressed, the problem could be the latch solenoid. 

If the difficulty is the solenoid release switch, you must replace the totality trunk latch assembly; if the trouble is the wiring of the fuse, replace the fuse or re-wire.

The stems indicator detects tribe open once the trunk is closed and also vice-versa -

This have the right to be brought about by a defective micro switch within the latch assembly. To fix this problem, replace the entirety latch assembly.

The trunk won’t open up from the tribe release bar from exterior the car. 

Some cars have an anti-release lever, similar to a child security lock, to protect against the stems from opening from the trunk take care of from outside. Or this may be caused by a faulty link from the outside lever come the latch relax mechanism. The fix is to reset the lever.

How walk the tribe locking system work?

A auto trunk locking mechanism is composed of a latch, a striker mechanism, a mechanical relax mechanism, and also an electrical release mechanism.

When the tribe is closeup of the door closed, the striker is locked with by the latch; this reasons the tribe door to it is in locked in place.

A release bar is traction by a system from the driver’s side or native the trunk manage to open up the trunk.

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Some vehicles space equipped through an electrical release button. However, instead of a relax lever, the latch is exit by a solenoid.


There space multiple reasons why a tribe locking mechanism might fail, but the most usual issues are resulted in by a negative trunk latch or the tribe is no aligned properly.