So, we simply experienced the actual Achilles heel of the LG washer dryer combo units. I should say, for two people and also a dog, these units are a fantastic laundry solution. We live in DC, in a small condo, and also needed a compact unit the didn"t require a vent. Funny point is, we had a normal stacked (and vented!) washer/dryer, however it remained in the kitchen eating up an important kitchen genuine estate. Us ordered a 24" LG WM3455HS in at an early stage September 2010. 8 months later it fully stopped dry clothes.

The culprit:

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Now, the very first 8 months to be heaven. Yeah, that takes 3.5 hrs from begin to finish, however clothes come out super clean and really dry (albeit a tad wrinkly). Really, it to be love. And for $1,500, one must be in love, right?

Right around mid-April of this year the unit quit drying periodically. A full cycle that would take 3.5 hours prior to was finished in 30 minutes. No error password or anything, just completely wet clothes, like it had actually skipped the dried cycle completely. Transforming the dial for timed drying of 2 hours fixed this issue, but only temporarily. It would need this 2 hour manual choice multiple times prior to long.

I did some googling in ~ that point and observed others, through older models, suffering the very same problem. It turns out that lint gradually accumulates in some inner plastic duct. It needs to be professionally removed as LG does no make this component available via an accessibility port. Over there is a "drain pump filter" on the front next that, one is resulted in believe, collects excess lint, yet it go not. Actually, there is seldom anything in the filter. The genuine lint accumulation in the bowls the the machine. And it looks prefer this:

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What is ~ above the respond to is what the repair male pulled out through his hand. The remainder you can see in the sink. Sorry for the blurry photo, however I to be trying not to gag. As soon as it was all balled up for the trash, it was bigger 보다 a softball. After a 1-hour tech visit, the is ago to drying favor a champ.

The technician stated that this is very common and also he gets calls on these units regularly. He listens to the complaint, opens up up the unit, and also goes right for that duct. I asked if this was usual on every combo units and he detailed that it"s common only for the smaller ones (24"), not the bigger combo units, in his experience. He was in & the end in under one hour.

This is not really a complaint, however I assumption: v a kind of PSA because that those interested in this units. Perfect because that tight spaces, good performance, however there is a ridiculous architecture flaw v these machines. Being the this unit will certainly be out of vouch in simply 3.5 months, the next lint-removal will likely be out of my pocket. A pretty frustrating cons in a maker that costs so much. So, it is in warned, over there are absolutely trade-offs!