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Ha, pikaboo b-tch,Swag scare her kids,My airplane clothes flyer 보다 your ideal this year,Gorillas in the mist, pull back pump castle fist,I\"m from the planet of the apes, King kong clips,Slince lambs b-tch,Run through your soil trippin,Can\"t pretend once this is actual as it gets have the right to ya,If sh-t hits the fan, i Ron Artest n-ggas,This how I\"m living gaining tatted in some home slippers,I prefer my b-tches simple, set back, be sure it\"s mental,Sh-t you understand what i do,Tell me what girlfriend tryna gain into,The guy cars rented,The man automobile killing,Gossiping f-ck the car look in ~ the man in itHa boys to male business,We don\"t rental b-tches,Just fire b-tches,It\"s young money fire spitters,The... Is through usAnd castle aint ate castle dinner,Beginners feast, feet lie fatality finish,I\"m killin these records they placed me againI really don\"t giv a f-f-uck if you witness,You hear it, listen, buy it, steal it,I quiet gon obtain my f-cking percentage,I cuss a lot of cuz b-tch I\"m seers,Young no beard, get soup,Like gumbo through shrimp,Flyer 보다 Dumbo ears is, b-tch,Uhh, currently let me start by sayinI don\"t choose this beat,But imma weather the storm Imma lightening streak,Uhh, Weezy F baby, I carry out it large weigh me,Them crazy freaky b-tches shot to cirque du soliel me,Got some new b-tches, trail got me laughing,The one that gave me head have the right to suck the pond out a casket,Shot gun on the kitchen table,The shells in the cabinet,F-cking through me is choose stepping ~ above the tail that a dragon,Where pussy is my cabin,More b-thces 보다 a pageant,I store a house complete n-gga speak to me bob sagat,Spending time backwards,Hotter 보다 a cactus,And we aint in the structure we the f-cking contractors,Y ym, why muthaf-ck why hate it,Young Money under your neck gotta continue to be hydrated,Quarter bag weezy,Young time brady,Open up your mouth and catch a bomb baby,Hehe good morning dude,Eagle street automobile in tune,Long joe, no short bread, no lorna doon,I\"m warning you,We ~ above the move,Bunch of female dogs and also garden tools,That\"s b-tches and also hoes,Hospital full, ailing of my flow,Hip hop to be washed increase so i bought some change to finish my load,I fill millions and much more millions,Money come the ceiling,N-gga no ceiling!Step increase in this b-tch 5 hour in the morning,The human being is waking increase you have the right to hear the pigeons yawning,Imma acquire that worm now,Tell em it\"s my revolve now,Yo n-ggas need a class on part ethic friend gon find out now,I do this because that the love that it,Saliva cos ns love to spit,And I fight it out it because that my future recordsYou gon love to spit,Fucking through my bredren 10 years strong,And he put them dreds in silver john long,But he\"s more like platinum,Hold increase heres a napkin,Pick your jaw up off the floorAnd tuck her tongue right earlier in,Tell me where is Mack Maine,... (that\"s all i have)