Latitude and longitude room the two sets the circles the we usage to division up the planet into sections. These are also one of the most reliable ways for us to recognize location and also how far we are going come go. The simplest way, of course, to determine latitude and longitude is to use a general practitioners system. These are not too expensive, can be an installed on her kayak, and also will provide you accurate ar readings.

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Latitude are the lines that circle the globe. There are several ways that human being remember this. One means is come think the latitude as a sort of ladder that permits you come climb as much as the top of the globe. I simply remember the the latitude lines space all parallel come the equator. Latitude lines space denoted by degrees. The equator is at 0 degrees latitude, the phibìc pole is at 90 degrees and the southern pole is at -90. This is essential to remember therefore that once you listen how many degrees latitude other is, friend can get a general idea of whereby it is ~ above the globe without also looking at the map.

Longitude lines all circle the entire globe, and also they all pass v both the north and also south poles. Longitude present are split into 360 degrees. One point to remember that is different in between latitude and also longitude is that while latitude lines room all evenly spaced, longitudinal lines are closer together when you get closer come the poles of the earth. The prime meridian is in ~ 0 levels longitude. This line passes through England. Longitude lines count up in degrees in either direction from this line, however, unequal latitude lines there space is no such thing as a an adverse longitude. Instead, we have actually 0 to 180 levels East and 0 to 180 degrees West.

As you could guess, the variety of degrees (180 latitude currently from phibìc to south, and 360 longitude lines about the globe) are not enough to get very precise. For the reason, longitude and latitude can additionally be measure up in minutes and also seconds in enhancement to degrees. Essentially, the room between every line of latitude or longitude have the right to be divided into 60 minutes, and each of these minutes can be separated into 60 seconds.

Interestingly enough, the distance between minutes the latitude is practically exactly a nautical mile. Together a result, making use of degrees, minutes, and also seconds, us can acquire very precise measurements the latitude and also longitude.

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