In Lord of the Flies, the mask becomes a brand-new persona because that Jack, one that allows his violent tendencies and puts that in conflict with Ralph"s rationality.

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The confront painting Jack does come prepare for the hunt is at very first an attempt to settle a problem. The thinks that the pigs can pick out his challenge while he is stalking them, therefore decides come smear some clay and charcoal top top his face as a form of camouflage....

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The challenge painting Jack does to prepare because that the hunt is at very first an effort to settle a problem. He thinks that the pigs can pick out his confront while he is stalking them, so decides to smear part clay and charcoal on his challenge as a form of camouflage. However, his mask i do not care much much more than a searching aid. It becomes, in essence, a new persona for Jack.

Jack"s an initial attempt at confront painting is not successful. Once he looks in ~ his have fun in the water, that is displeased. It"s far-ranging that on the second try, he "plans" his face, drawing a specific design:

He make one cheek and one eye-socket white, climate he rubbed red end the other half of his face and also slashed a black bar that charcoal across from best ear to left jaw.

This to be better:

He looked in astonishment, no longer at himself however at an awesome stranger. The spilt the water and also leapt to his feet, laughing excitedly.

The mask has transformed Jack indigenous the sandy-haired, freckled boy into a fearsome killer. An ext than that, every the limitations and emotions the Jack feels room forgotten through this new persona. Because that instance, the mask help Jack assert supremacy over the various other hunters, and also in a feeling it frees that from the should tend the signal fire.

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In that sense, the mask can be seen as a exit from rationality. Jack"s bloodthirstiness is permitted by the mask; his new personality is in stark contrast with Ralph"s rationality. Ralph desires a ship to see their signal and also rescue them; Jack, in his mask, just wants to kill, both for the fun of it and the personal glory that it deserve to bring. For him, this is one imperative the supersedes all other considerations.