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BRAND new Still SEALED initial OCTOBER 1977 U.S. Worry MCA documents LP, directory number MCA-3029 The Fabled LP titled \"Street Survivors\" from southerly rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd. This initial \"first issue\" is packaged inside the original Withdrawn \"FLAME\" ALBUM COVER, and also should encompass BOTH original INSERTS, (one of i beg your pardon is very strange given subsequent events and also adds come the mysticism of this LP). together the story goes, Skynyrd\"s \"Street Survivors\" LP was released in October 1977, just a couple of weeks prior to the tragic airplane crash on October 20, 1977 which take it the stays of tape members Ronnie valve Zant and Steve Gaines, backup singer Cassie Gaines, and road manager Dean Kilpatrick. The band was ~ above tour, en course to an October 21 concert at Louisiana State University as soon as their plane ran out of fuel and also crashed in a swamp close to Gillsburg, Mississippi. After ~ the crash, MCA Records chose that the original \"Street Survivors\" former cover artwork, (which mirrors the tape standing in the center of a street engulfed in flames v burning builidings on both political parties of them), was in poor taste provided the situations of the aircraft crash. MCA documents withdrew the original \"Street Survivors\" album cover and also replaced it on all succeeding pressings with revised sheathe artwork that shows the band standing in prior of a level brown background, (Originally the ago of the initial Album).. As a result, the initial \"Flame\" album cover, (offered here with the original artwork), was only available for a very few weeks in October of 1977 and has end up being a legend Collectors\" Item, inextricably bound in v the story of the band and the plane crash. To make the album tie-in through the crash also stranger, the an initial pressings that \"Street Survivors\" included two 11\" x 11\" inserts - among the inserts included a mail-in offer for a Skynyrd \"SURVIVAL KIT\" of assorted band merchandise and a pan questionnaire to be returned to the band. The spookier insert had actually the album credits and song titles published on one side, and also a \"TOTS\" 1977-1978 Skynyrd tour itinerary published on the various other side. The \"TOTS\" itinerary reflects that the band had actually played just four days on the tourism at the time of the crash, and it additionally shows every one of the remaining days that would never ever be played. Together this LP is still SEALED over there is no means to know because that certain, however both inserts have to be in the LP. Tracks: What\"s her Name, the Smell, One more Time, I know A Little, You obtained That Right, I never ever Dreamed, Honky Tonk Night Time Man, Ain\"t No an excellent Life. As stated above, this LP is tho SEALED in its initial shrinkwrap and is in 100% MINT condition. The Album lies perfectly flat on both sides through no indication of any kind of bends or warps.

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Shrinkwrap (NOT ALBUM COVER) has several little splits, yet the seal is tho intact and the album has actually never to be opened. This rare and legendary brand-new SEALED LP has a spooky mystique around it the is unique among collectable documents - it is a an excellent conversation item that is suitable because that framing - It will make a super enhancement to any classic rock record collection, or a an excellent holiday gift item that will certainly be prized by any kind of classic rock record collector !!! together A Bonus, I will throw in the Re-Printed \"Street Survivors\" Non-Flame Copy for this reason you deserve to listen to the Album ! (Also in good condition !) inspect out my various other items!