Everyone will complete Task One and Task Two, described below. The third and fourthtasksareof her choosing, from the suggestions explained in job Three, Four,Five, and Sixbelow. Be certain to completefour jobs in all before the early out date!You MUST finish both task One and also Task Two!Task One: go to the website "PlotDiagram - ReadWriteThink" (#1 below) and also review Plot Stages and also Plot Diagrams. Psychic the example diagrams that us have developed together in class. Use your expertise of plot to the novel, insane Magee and create a plot diagram making use of this website come turn into Ms. Lay. Once finished, you should remember to publish a copy to turn in! If not, you"ll have to redo this portion of the assignment. Remember, creativity and also neatness room key!Task Two: walk to the website "Fiction Terms" (#2 below)and review: fiction,conflict (internal and also external), character(s), narrator, and also theme. Next, use this understanding by developing a review of the novel by Jerry Spinelli, maniac Magee in Microsoft Word. The an introduction should encompass a quick retelling of the story. Don"t forget come include concepts such together the setting, a description of the main character(s), and also a conversation of the main disputes in the novel. Friend MUST encompass at the very least one interior conflict and also one external dispute that to be presented in the story. Your review must also include a retelling of the finish of the book. Additionally include a paragraph thatsharesyour personalthoughtsof the entire book.You must chooseTWO of the following tasks to complete:Task Three: maniac Magee and also many the the other characters face issues of bullying. Develop an anti-bullying poster to display at phibìc County center School using the glogster website (#3 below).Task Four: Racism is a influential theme in this book. Produce a poster making use of the glogster website (#3below)that encourages acceptance and appreciationof others" differences.Task Five: Homelessness is a real problem in America today. Learn an ext about homelessness and make notes about what you have actually learned. Usage the resources detailed below (#4 and also #5).Then, develop a poster using glogster (#3 below)illustrating some services on how we can aid homelessness in America.Task Six: Let"s exercise our mapping skills. Throughout the book, lunatic Magee, us were introduced to the fictional city of 2 Mills, Pennsylvania. Usage the book to map details that both the eastern End and also West end of two Mills. Then, produce a map that portrays what you know the town to watch like. Usage the resource detailed below (#6) in the development of her map.Use the street names and also the landmarksfrom the book, Hector and Cobble"s Corner, for example to assist you in the procedure of mapping the town. Remember, the more detail and also creativity the you use, the far better your grade will certainly be.

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You have the right to either develop a hard copy with pencil and also posterboard or usage Microsoft native in the creation of your map.