Many a truth is stated in Jest Meaning

Definition: sometimes a person says something true, however in a joking manner.

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Origin that Many a fact is stated in Jest

This expression comes from the English writer Geoffrey Chaucer. It showed up in Canterbury Tales in a slightly alternate form,

A man may seye full sooth in game and pley.

This phrase has actually been repetitive throughout the years as a way to say the say that some people hide or conceal the reality inside a joke. Or, that despite the fact that miscellaneous is a joke, it have the right to still save a great of truth.

Examples the Many a truth is said in Jest

In this dialogue, 2 employees are discussing their boss.

Deanna: Wayne is exhilaration weird again. I told the a few months earlier that I essential to take it a vacation, and also I even put in the proper papers and also everything. Then, i reminded him the I would certainly be gone for two weeks right prior to I take it my vacation. When I reverted to occupational today, he told me he believed I had quit!

Emily: he is getting much more and an ext forgetful. He’s pretty old, and I wonder if he is beginning to obtain dementia.

Deanna: i know. It is what ns thought, too, and also I claimed that to one more coworker. Wayne overheard me, and also was very offended. Ns tried come tell him i was simply joking, but I don’t think he believed me.

Emily: Well, he might have believed you, but he most likely knows that many a fact is claimed in jest.

In the 2nd example, two baseball football player are discussing some insults that the other team stated to them.

Billy: Did girlfriend hear the other team making funny of our brand-new uniforms? ns knew we should have actually never acquired multicolored uniforms.

Angie: i didn’t hear it. What go they say?

Billy: They stated it looked prefer a rainbow threw increase on us. We should have just retained our old, classic uniforms.

Angie: don’t be for this reason sensitive. They were simply joking.

Billy: yet many a reality is claimed in jest, and also it’s true what castle said. We look ridiculous.

More Examples

This excerpt is around a politician who desires to join the jail reform movement.

This excerpt is about a basketball player.


The saying many a truth is claimed in jest means that just because someone says something funny, doesn’t average that it isn’t additionally true.

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Sometimes civilization joke in bespeak to tenderness let someone understand an uncomfortable fact about that person.


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