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Mechanical system slide Cocking Action.
power source feather Piston.
Caliber/Ammunition .177 cal. (4.5 mm) command Pellets ring BB"s Darts/Bolts
Magazine capacity solitary Shot (Pellets, Darts, Bolts) 18 ring (BB"s)
full length 8.5 in. (21.6 cm)
Weight 1 lb. 8 oz. (680.4 g.)
Muzzle velocity 200 FPS
Safety cross Bolt
CAUTION: monitor these steps carefully and in sequence. Failure to perform so may reason serious personal injury and will damages the waiting pistol. Relax the slide The on slide latch is located on the left next of the air pistol. Utilizing your best thumb, relax the catch by pushing down on the slide latch. The slide will snap earlier approximately 1/4" as soon as released. Express to computer animation below.
Cocking the Pistol point the barrel of her air pistol upward and grab the rear of the slide through your left hand. Pull the slide earlier out as much as it will certainly go till you hear a "click." The slide should now be 2 inches from its initial position.
firmly grab the barrel the the pistol with one hand (make certain to keep your fingers clear of the barrel feet to prevent any injuries) and also push the slide in with your other hand till you listen a second "click" and it locks in place. The slide have to be earlier to its original position. The waiting pistol is now cocked and also ready to fill or fire.
connect Safety ~ the airgun has been cocked, always put it "on safe" by engaging the safety. To execute this, push the safety and security in indigenous the left next of the wait pistol, for this reason locking the trigger. To express to animation below
NOTE: complete the vault steps prior to attempting to load ammunition. The barrel ar WILL NOT reminder up till the air pistol has been cocked.

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do not shot to pry it open, together this will reason permanent damage. Never fire your air pistol with the barrel section in the open up position. To pack your air pistol you have to press the loading button at the former of the air pistol. This button is located straight underneath the barrel and also when propelled will reminder up the entire barrel section to disclose the two loading ports. Express to computer animation below
To fill BB"s suggest your waiting pistol downwards and load as much as 18 BB"s right into the SQUARE loading harbor (NOTE: come quickly and easily fill BB"s right into the waiting pistol one in ~ a time, a rate loader is recommended). The BB"s are held in the magazine and also released one in ~ a time and also positioned instantly in the barrel during the cocking sequence; remember come tilt the barrel up as soon as cocking the air pistol to allow the BB"s to feed properly. To load Pellets Airgun pellets are loaded one in ~ a time. To load, ar the pellet directly into the barrel (the lower ROUND opening). Push the pellet into the barrel till the skirt the the pellet is totally clear that the barrel seal. The quick rounded end of the ammo seater will help you in loading the pellets. Be sure to use just .177 caliber lead airgun pellets. CAUTION:
eliminate all BB"s before loading and also shooting pellets, darts, or bolts. Never location pellets, darts, or bolts in the square BB loading port together this will reason damage come the air pistol. To fill Darts or Bolts Airgun bolts and also darts are also loaded and shot one at a time. Press the bolt or the dart directly into the barrel (the lower ROUND opening) and be sure that the trip of the dart or bolt is completely free and clean of the barrel seal. The long, pointed finish of the Marksman ammo seater will help you effectively seat the darts or bolts. Use only .177 caliber airgun darts or bolts.
Prepare come Fire after loading, snap the barrel section down right into place. Your air pistol is currently cocked, loaded, and ready to fire. Before shooting, push the safety and security to "Fire" position by pusing in from the ideal side. Aiming and also Firing for sure You and others v you should always wear shooting glasses to defend your eyes when firing any gun. Always aim your air pistol in a safe DIRECTION. Carry out not shooting at hard surfaces or at the surface ar of water. The pellet might bounce turn off or ricochet and hit someone or something you had actually not intended to hit. constantly choose her target carefully. That is best to shoot at file bullseye targets which are attached come a for sure backstop. A hefty blanket need to be hung behind the Target trap to protect against ricochet must you miss the backstop. her backstop should be confirm for undertake before and after every use. Change your backstop if the surface ar is worn or damaged or if a ricochet occurs. As soon as you room sure the the area approximately you is safe, traction the cause to fire. MAINTENANCE Caring for the Pistol your air pistol need to be oiled after every 200 come 300 shots for maximum eficiency. This lubricates the vital firing mechanism and also helps prevent damages to the an essential parts. Come oil her air pistol, keep your fingers away from the trigger and also hold the waiting pistol in an upright and also uncocked position as presented in the diagram. Ar a couple of drops the SLIK 50-1 lube in the barrel. Leaving the wait pistol in this position at least one hour to permit the lube to reach all vital parts. After extensive use, her air pistol may shed some that its power as a result of wear of the barrel seal and/or the plunger assembly.

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Must this occur, it will certainly be necessary to return her air pistol because that replacement of parts and also service.