just how do you find or unlock alternate costumes for the characters? I have been playing through missions and have discovered upgrades and other unlockables yet not any costumes yet each character has the alternative when selecting them.

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All the the costumes have the right to be unlocked by beating 50 enemies (except Juggernaut who calls for 300), though some require a certain alignment in the polite War. All of the 50 opponents killed deserve to be done in missions, via replay or in the combat simulations. Be certain to unlock every costume you have the right to for her alignment ~ above your first playthrough before beginning your second. So because that instance, after action 1 if you choose Pro-Reg, get all of Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, etc. Before starting a brand-new playthrough or you"ll miss your opportunity to unlock them. Characters marked as Neutral deserve to be done regardless that which side you choose, however still have to be done after act 1.

Pro-Registration Campaign

Deadpool Iron male

Mr. Fantastic

Ms. Marvel



Anti-Registration Campaign

Captain America

Human Torch

Invisible Woman

Iron Fist

Luke Cage



(can be excellent in one of two people campaign)

DaredevilGambitGreen GoblinHulkIcemanJean GreyJuggernautPenanceStormThingThorVenom
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