Stumptown is one American crime drama television collection that debuted on abc as component of the 2019–20 tv season, top top September 25, 2019. The series is based on the comic book collection of the very same name, created by Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth, and also Justin Greenwood, and adapted for television by writer-producer Jason Richman. The location Stumptown is a nickname for the city the Portland, Oregon, wherein the collection is set. In October 2019, alphabet issued a complete season order because that the series.

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Unspeakable is an eight-episode Canadian tv drama series created and also written through Robert C. Cooper, i m sorry aired on CBC Television and SundanceTV in the 2018–19 television season. Based on the books poor Blood by Vic Parsons and The Gift of fatality by Andre Picard, the collection chronicles the development of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in the Canadian Red Cross"s blood financial institutions in the early on 1980s.

Sharp Objects is an American psychological thriller tv miniseries based upon Gillian Flynn"s debut novel the the exact same name the premiered top top July 8, 2018, top top HBO. The collection was produced by Marti Noxon, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, and also stars Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, kris Messina, Eliza Scanlen, Matt Craven, Henry Czerny, Taylor john Smith, Madison Davenport, Miguel Sandoval, will Chase, Jackson Hurst, Sophia Lillis, Lulu Wilson, and also Elizabeth Perkins. It follows Camille Preaker, an emotionally troubled reporter that returns to she hometown to cover the killing of 2 young girls.

The story complies with a down-on-their-luck pair who discovers a serial killer"s film reels. They decision to take the law right into their very own hands, risking everything for the possibility at a $100,000 reward. That isn"t lengthy until they discover themselves in the killer"s lethal cross-hairs.

The plot revolves approximately the 1969 Stonewall Riots, the violent clash the kicked turn off the gay rights activity in new York City. The drama centers ~ above Danny Winters, that flees to new York, leaving behind his sister. He find his method to the Stonewall Inn, whereby he meets Trevor prior to catching the eye that Ed Murphy, manager the the Stonewall. That colludes through corrupt police and also exploits homeless youth.

Resurrection is one American fantasy drama television series that aired from March 9, 2014 come January 25, 2015 ~ above ABC. That is based upon Jason Mott"s 2013 novel The Returned, and is centered on a town in i m sorry dead people come earlier to life. It was co-produced by alphabet Studios and also Plan B Entertainment, led by Brad Pitt, Aaron Zelman, JoAnn Alfano, Jon Liebman, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Michele Fazekas, and Tara Butters. On may 7, 2015, alphabet cancelled it after two seasons.
While ~ above a tour of the White home with his young daughter, a Capitol policeman springs into activity to conserve his child and protect the chairman from a heavily armed group the paramilitary invaders.
After his mom is tragically killed, a privileged young man discovers that he was the product the a vicious rape, and also so that sets the end to track under his sinister biological father.
Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the surname Professor X and also Magneto, lock were two young men finding out their powers because that the very first time. Prior to they to be archenemies, they to be closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, part new), to stop the greatest threat the human being has ever before known. In the process, a rift in between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto"s Brotherhood and Professor X"s X-MEN.
In Philadelphia, Detective Bowden is quiet grieving for his wife and also son, eliminated in a hit-and-run five years ago. When someone jumps indigenous a skyscraper ~ above a truck, Bowden is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, five strangers are trapped in one elevator in the building where the jumper committed suicide. The communication radio in the elevator is broken but the guards, Lustig and Ramirez, watch the people via CCTV as events unfold. Tensions operation high amongst those trapped, for this reason Lustig call the police and also Detective Bowden suspect the case. Without gift able to contact the individuals, the tries to job-related out that they are, yet he have the right to only account for 4 of them. Time is running out for the residents of the elevator, as Bowden realizes he has to acquire them out quickly.
Justified is one American crime drama television series that premiered on march 16, 2010, top top the FX network. Arisen by Graham Yost, that is based upon Elmore Leonard"s quick story "Fire in the Hole". Timothy Olyphant portrays Raylan Givens, a hard deputy U.S. Marshal put on impose his own brand the justice, in his hometown that Harlan, Kentucky. The series is set both in Lexington, Kentucky as well as in the Appalachian hills area of eastern Kentucky, particularly in and around Harlan. The series, comprising 78 episodes, to be aired over six seasons and concluded top top April 14, 2015.
The Pacific is a 2010 American television collection produced by HBO, Playtone, and DreamWorks that premiered in the United states on in march 14, 2010. The collection is a companion piece to the 2001 miniseries tape of Brothers and also focuses ~ above the joined States maritime Corps"s action in the Pacific theatre of Operations within the more comprehensive Pacific War. Whereas band of Brothers adhered to the men of Easy agency of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment with the european Theater, The Pacific centers top top the experiences of 3 Marines (Robert Leckie, Eugene Sledge, and John Basilone) that were in different regiments (1st, 5th, and also 7th, respectively) of the 1st Marine Division.
The Feds shot to take down well known American gangsters man Dillinger, Baby face Nelson and Pretty boy Floyd during a booming crime wave in the 1930s.
The true story that Jasmine Plummer who, at the period of eleven, became the first female to play in pop Warner football tournament in the 56-year history.
After his father"s death, Kale Brecht becomes sullen, withdrawn, and also troubled -- so much so that he finds self under a court-ordered sentence of residence arrest after a operation in v the law. His mother, Julie, functions night and day to support herself and also her son, only to be met v indifference and also lethargy. The walls of his house begin to close in on Kale. He i do not care a voyeur together his understanding turn external the home windows of his suburban residence towards those of his neighbors, among which Kale begins to suspect is a serial killer. But, space his suspicions simply the product that cabin fever and also his overactive imagination?
Raines is one American police procedural crime drama television series that ran ~ above NBC in the United says from march 15 come April 27, 2007. The display premiered together a mid-season replacement, as well as airing top top CH in Canada, TV3 in Ireland, ITV3 in the UK, and on Network Ten in Australia.
Déjà Vu is a 2006 American science fiction activity film directed by Tony Scott, composed by invoice Marsilii and Terry Rossio, and also produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The movie stars Denzel Washington, Paula Patton, Jim Caviezel, Val Kilmer, Adam Goldberg and Bruce Greenwood. It entails an ATF agent that travels back in time in an attempt to protect against a domestic terrorist strike that takes place in brand-new Orleans and also to conserve a woman through whom he drops in love.
The life the the pope John-Paul II, indigenous his youth together a writer, actor, and also athlete in war-torn populated Poland to his election as Pope at the period of 58.
A police sergeant need to rally the cops and also prisoners with each other to safeguard themselves on brand-new Year"s Eve, just as corrupt policeman surround the terminal with the will of killing every to save their deception in the ranks.

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Wayne (Robert Redford) and also Eileen Hayes (Dame Helen Mirren) live the American Dream. Together, they"ve raised two children and struggled to develop a successful organization from the soil up. But there have actually been sacrifices along the way. When Wayne is carry away by an simple man, Arnold Mack (Willem Dafoe), and held because that ransom in a far forest, the couple"s world is turned within out. Eileen finds she home full of F.B.I. Agents and their stays under scrutiny. When Wayne is involved in the negotiation the his lifetime, Eileen works frantically with the F.B.I. To secure his release. The terrifying ordeal reasons Wayne and Eileen come reassess your marriage and also come to a deeper feeling of their commitment to every other. Through each passing hour, the need and also desire for Wayne to return home safely i do not care ever much more urgent.