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A golf ball is crucial part of the game, and using the appropriate one can make or break a ring of golf. A an essential component that this is knowing the fixed of the golf round to ensure the your an option is right for you.

By choosing the ideal golf round for distance, accuracy, or power you deserve to ensure the your performance improves and so walk the enjoyment that the round.

In this guide, us answer the question ‘how much does a golf ball weigh’ and will cover and explain the conventional golf round mass and some other crucial factors to assist you identify which golf sphere is ideal for you.

How much Does a Golf sphere Weigh?

Per the USGA standards set out, a golf ball have to weigh slightly less than 46 grams (45.93 grams or 1.620 ounces. If a golf round weighs much more than this during competition, a golfer would certainly be disqualified. The ball’s condition features to the difference in mean weight as golf balls in average condition weigh in ~ .1-2.9 grams difference relying on their usage.

If you room after trusted golf sphere weight, you should play with brand-new balls together they have actually only 0.1 grams in load variance. In contrast, golf balls that room worn and in poor condition mean you will endure a bigger load variance indigenous one round to the next, occasionally up to 3.4 grams difference!

Other crucial Factors

Several factors affect a golf ball’s mass and what goes right into the make of a golf ball. These selection from the diameter come what the golf round is made of. We go into what influence the load of the round in detail below.


Like the weight of the golf ball, the diameter has a strict need that have to be met. The ball has actually a minimum diameter the 1.68 inches and also the smaller diameter allows the player to more easily hole the end the ball and be less responsive to stronger winds, definition less chance of included roll because of inclement weather.


The golf round construction and materials that they are made that are likewise strictly assessed to guarantee players of same advantage throughout different golf ball manufacturers. The players want to know that their ball will not carry out an unfair benefit to anyone.

Nevertheless, contemporary technology and also innovation have actually resulted in emerging multi-level cores in golf balls that rise both the ball’s distance and also control. This is something that has readjusted significantly end time, together the single-layer core in golf balls the yesteryear has emerged into a multi-layered ball covering different species of golf balls.

Today, manufacturers space using one-piece golf balls, two-piece golf balls, three-piece golf balls, and also even four-piece golf balls to improve performance out on the golf course. Cheap golf balls will use much less pieces and the most expensive golf balls frequently have more complicated designs.

Compression Type

Golf round compression effects the trip path so the is vital factor come look at as soon as considering a golf ball’s construction. There are two different varieties of golf round compression: low compression and high compression. 

Low compression balls such together the Callaway Supersoft room softer and aid golfers who have actually a slower swing speed. In contrast, high compression balls such as the Titleist agree V1 are far better for golfers who have actually a quicker clubhead speed.


Dimples are vital in a golf sphere design and dimples have actually no limit to the amount the is enabled on a golf ball. However, something that regularly isn’t totally understood is simply how necessary they space in enhancing performance. There is no dimples, a golf ball would probably only travel half as far (FoundGolfBalls). Nowadays, dimples are permanent functions that girlfriend will discover on any kind of golf ball, with about 300 – 500 on each golf ball.

Why go Golf ball Weight Matter?

When compare golf balls, weight is vital factor to consider since it carries the round farther. Golf balls v a higher weight than 45.93 grams room illegal to use in expert tournaments together they can give the agree an unfair benefit when turn off the tee. 

In contrast, there is a minimum size need for golf balls: their diameter. A ball diameter that fewer 보다 1.68 inches provides it illegal come play with. This is because little balls travel further with a faster speed the golf ball since they have less friction to compete with together they travel.

Golf round Mass: Conclusion

Golf ball weight is critical factor the manufacturers this day rigorously check to for sure they meet industry standards and also come in at just under 1.62 ounces. The standards have actually come a long way since the first golf balls were made centuries ago. Then, the faster golf balls would certainly be no much more than a crudely-made sphere of animal leather or cloth, compared to the wide variety of species of today’s golf balls.

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The speed and velocity of the golf ball room tested to ensure the ball’s weight and also diameter are accurate and also within legit limits. While part balls weight may vary contempt due to various manufacturers and also slight variances in components, the general preeminence of ignorance is that brand-new balls need to weigh within .1 grams that 45.93.

Golfers now will appreciate the technological advances that the golf ball’s multi-level core as brand-new tech and modern-day components proceed to enhance the golf ball’s capabilities, specifically for those trying to find beginner golf balls.