Dad provided me this old eager Beaver 2.0 to resolve for him, the he got cheap or free someplace yet it"s gaining no fuel. I pulled that apart and cleaned the fuel pump and also it seemed prefer it want to run yet soon quit again. I"m figuring if i can find a brand-new carb because that it I"ll just throw one top top it and also be done with it. Alternatively, a carb kit would be nice. I"m guessing it has a common carb for these tiny engines.

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My experienced numbers are: 60012312 and12-083269.I to be trying come look it increase on one Arinet site, but can"t find one that has my model number come look it increase by.Thanks,Chris

Tophandle or conventional??Check this thread: E.B. 2014 has a Zama. The tophandle IDK.

Should have actually a Zama M1 M7. Poor news is carb kits, too as new carbs, are expensive and not always easy to find. Over there is additionally a slight possiblity that it having actually a Walbro MDC, which room easier and cheaper to obtain parts for. Simply need come look in ~ the carb again and see if that is stamped Zama or Walbro.
Just searched for that Zama, and it certain looks prefer what ns have. Ns don"t know how comparable a Walbro version might be so i guess I"ll have to break it under again. Should go a entirety lot faster this time though.Thanks,Chris

Just looked for that Zama, and it certain looks choose what i have. I don"t understand how similar a Walbro version could be so ns guess I"ll need to break it down again. Must go a whole lot quicker this time though.Thanks,Chris
Both carbs look very comparable but i am virtually willing to bet it has the Zama, the walbro were mostly uncovered on the larger versions that the mini macs. The last time I checked out the Zama kit they were 20-25 bucks each. I believe I did check out a couple NOS carbs on Ebay for something prefer 80 bucks. Simply keep in psychic that even a an excellent running mini mac is not worth lot on the market. I see good running saws offer for 30-40 bucks and non runners because that 20-25.

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Getting to the carbohydrate is fun on those, actually gaining the saw ago together there is no fuel and oil leaking all over is the actual problem.If someone brings me one, I earlier out the mixture screws 2 turns or so, pour out the old gas, put in fresh, element the carb several times, till it operation on its own, operation it a while on the well-off settings, climate readjust the carb. Climate if that runs, charge him $5 or so, if that doesn"t, phone call him"I"m sorry Mr. Smith, she passed away on the table....." Then give it it"s last rites.
Yeah, i understand. I"m not gonna dump also much right into this thing. Dad asked me to deal with it so I"m just doing due diligence to check out if I can make it best again. I"m additionally keeping my eye out for a better replacement. Ns would provide him mine 009L, however the negative guy can"t it seems to be ~ to begin it, despite it constantly starts ~ above the first try for me. :confused2:Thanks for the aid on this. Tomorrow I"ll shot to obtain it pulled back apart and also see precisely what the carb is.Thanks,Chris
I traction it personally again. It has actually an "M7" and another number ~ above it. I went v it again, due to the fact that I have nothing to lose, and also made sure all ports were clear and also clean, and also pulled the rise valve also. The rise valve seemed favor it was no opening properly, so i bent the eight for the up just a hair, therefore the valve could move a little, prior to I placed it back together. I did no see any type of holes or tears in the diaphragms once I had it apart. It"s still not getting fuel though. If ns squirt WD40 right into it, then just a small amount of carb cleaner, the fires right up and runs great, cigarette smoking all the while, till it supplies up the carb cleaner. I"m thinking that the rise valve is no opening or the fuel pump is no pumping. No, this point isn"t worth the time I to be spending top top it, yet now the is a challenge, and also I hope will lead me to an ext experience in troubleshooting and repairing chainsaw engines.Thanks,Chris