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Kiara is a name with two different meanings. In an interesting spin, the double meanings of the surname Kiara are finish opposites. Kiara method "light" or "clear" together a sport of the traditional Italian order of the name Chiara. Chiara is the Italian kind of the name Clare or Clara. Kiara is likewise a sport of the irish name Ciara, which way "dark" or "black." Ciara is the feminine type of the irish name Ciar or Ciarán.

While it many widely well-known for the Italian and Irish meanings, Kiara is also a Hindi name with the same meaning as the ireland form. In Swahili, the surname Kiara method "princess."

Origin: Kiara is a name of both Italian and also Irish origins. It likewise has Hindi and Swahili origins.Gender: Kiara is typically used as a girl name, yet it is considered a gender-neutral surname within the Hindi religion. Kiar or Kieren is regularly used as a young name with the same an interpretation an origin of the irish variation.Pronunciation: Kee-AR-uh or KEE-ra

Although numerous baby names are separated through gender, Verywell household believes the sex go not have to play a role in her name an option process. It’s vital to choose a name that you feel suits your new baby the best.

How renowned Is the name Kiara?

The name Kiara has been ~ above the charts due to the fact that 1988 as soon as it was thought about a quite rare surname at place No. 820. The complying with year that made its document jump of 706 points increase to place No. 114. This significant increase in popularity is most most likely related come the the to sing duo Kiara that released their song This Time in 1988.

After 1999, the name Kiara declined slowly in popularity before experiencing another huge jump a te later. In 1997 it dwindled at place No. 238, that is lowest since its an initial appearance ~ above the charts, however then reached No. 172 the adhering to year and also hit its peak at place No. 78 the year after that, in 1999.

This rise is likely related come the release of the animated move The Lion King II in 1998 whose protagonist to be a princess lion cub called Kiara.

Kiara is at this time on an additional slow decrease in popularity. The Social defense Administration's many recent data places Kiara at position No. 308 as of 2020.

name Variations

The late Latin name Clarus, who feminine kind is Chiara, is the source of many variations the the surname Kiara. These variations are offered in languages of Latin, Germanic, and also Slavic origins.

Famous people Named Kiara

Here's a look at some renowned celebrities and athelets through variations the the name Kiara.

famed Kiaras

Kiara Advani, Indian actress who predominantly works in Hindi filmsKiara Brinkman, American writer known for her 2007 novel, Up High in the TreesKiara Kabukuru, American model well-known for her occupational with CoverGirlKiara Muhammed, American actress who started her job modeling because that ReebokKiara Nowlin, American gymnast, civilization Champion power tumbler and an worldwide ranked cheerleaderKiara Sasso, Brazilian actress and singerKiara Laetitia, Italian absent singer and also entrepreneurKiara Young, miss out on Tennessee 2015

famous Chiaras

Santa Chiara/Saint Clare that Assisi, follower of Saint Francis that left her wealthy family members to found the stimulate of nuns known as the negative ClaresChiara Zanni, Canadian actress and also comedianChiara Mastroianni, French actress and singerChiara Caselli, Italian actressChiara Rosa, Italian shoot putterChiara Scholl, American tennis player

renowned Ciaras

Saint Ciara, irish nun who created a monastery at Kilkeary in the 7th centuryCiara Bravo, American actressCiara Sheehy, ireland Olympic sprinter

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