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I"m happy come announce the after around 6 month of hacking, researching and also testing I"m ready to release the patch for Megaman battle Network 3 White (U).The main goal was to create a music patch, replace chips, rebattle navis and also obtain 7 stars there is no cheating or obtaining Bowlman chips from the Blue version.Download: is the mutual folder wherein you can find all job versions and some descriptions(in situation if you need that): are the attributes of the spot (series the patches):• RE--battle: Omega viruses. (like rare viruses in BN6)!• RE--battle: Navis. Bass, Serenade, Punk, Bowlman and also Alpha!• RE--mix: new music.• RE--mix: V1 battles with viruses. Hit Megaman+viruses (sic) in Copyman scenario.• RE--place: new chips. (Unique chips, P.A. Chips and chips native the Blue version).• RE--place: brand-new extra folder v P.A. (you don"t require the Blue version anymore to get the 7 stars)!• RE--use: Shield program mod. Shield, Reflect, Antidamage.Here is the demo video:Known bugs:1) If you fight a ghost navi first time and also there is no message that the navi"s data is flow away, the security cube won"t open. In the case, you have to rebattle the navi again. I"m not certain if it caused by the patches or that is the known pest for the White version.2) There room weird signs in Megaman-Lan messages: show up because i deliberately used that "free" an are in the ROM so the it might be compatible with the Underking Wrath patches later (that offers the space after the ROM data).Additional details:The locations of Omega viruses and also Navis:Each web area and also scenario areas(e.g. Zoo area) contends least 1 Omega virus or a virus, number virus or Alpha bug. I didn"t replace all the viruses. The main idea there is the Omega viruses are like rare viruses in MMBN6.You are totally free to to escape the battle. Some tiny computers(e.g. Wall computer) have navis rather of Omega viruses.You can shot discovering the locations by you yourself or obtain the place from the adhering to file: V1 battles:I added viruses come V1 Navi and to some V2(Alpha) Navi battles.Features:• In the scenario battle where Megaman is virtually deleted, bass is not invincible anymore.• changed Copyman (who is actually Gutsman) to Megaman(!) through tricky viruses:shadow, dominerd2, tromby (timpani)It is really tricky together you cannot beat every viruses therefore easily.• You will fight 4 Basses rather of 1. Periodically the video game hangs or the last base obtains the unbeatable aura.• Alpha Omega scenario battle is yes, really special. Friend can try figuring it out, yet I won"t spoil what is there.The following document lists every the alters I made: patch:I added some unique chips, chips native the Blue version and Program Advances. The course, I had to sacrifice some various other chips. Below is the perform of every chips and also modifications: folder patch:This is the patch i recommend come everyone, as with that patch, you don"t need to get the Blue variation to attain Bowlman chips. Or girlfriend don"t should cheat.In this patch, among the extra folders has actually all 4 Bowlman chips.Soundtrack:I changed some audio tracks in the game. In the video, you can hear every the melodies the you will uncover in the game. If you prefer the soundtrack, you have the right to download the here: check how everything works and to document a video, I necessary all the vital saves. If you ever need them, below they are: stuff:If you want to know exactly how to do a similar mod or what come understand just how it works under the cover, here is the link to the folder v all the details: wanted to harbor the splash screen from the "Wrath of the Underking" patch, but I failed. The just thing I succeeded is to change the white shade to the elevator color, so you will certainly have various "Jack-In!" colors if you use the patch. However, that doesn"t job-related in all emulators.------------------------Thanks:I would prefer to say many thanks to:• darkcross.exe - for the music modding guide (sappy)• timaeus222 - because that the overview to uncover chip offsets. This is wherein I started producing all patches.• MegaRockEXE - because that the thorough custom modding guide. That"s the factor why ns didn"t stop on the chip patch, so you deserve to rebattle Serenade and also Omega viruses anytime.• Hart-Hunt - for motivating me to develop a patch because that the White version. • Prof.

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9 - because that the perform of areas, that was really useful.• rather whom i forgot (including therockmanexe guides and also tips and gamefaqs guides)• and you - for analysis this text.