Best answer: uneven you specifically need a smaller SFX power supply due to the fact that you"re building a small type factor PC, girlfriend will find much much more choice with ATX in both hardware and also price.

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ATX vs. SFX: It"s all in the size

The important point to mental is that these 2 terms relate come a dimension of strength supply, no a spec. One isn"t necessarily far better than the other.

And that"s physical size, too, no capacity. SFX power gives are physically smaller sized units than ATX power supplies, and also that"s the main reason you"d want one.

An increasing number of small type factor PC cases simply don"t have actually the space required because that a complete ATX strength supply. That"s where SFX come in.

ATX is the most likely choice

It"s possible to get confused when considering one ATX strength supply if you"re additionally using a Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboard in her PC. The dimension of the motherboard will constantly be described in your case. However ATX power gives don"t only apply to ATX cases.

In fact, you"re much more than most likely going to require an ATX power supply. As above, uneven your situation specifically claims that you need an SFX power supply, then you"ll it is in OK v a typical ATX one.

Upgrading her PC and also reusing the SFX power supply

If you need an SFX strength supply now yet in the future need to upgrade to a bigger computer case, you deserve to re-use it. As the SFX dimension is smaller sized than ATX, you"ll have no trouble fitting the in physically.

But, since they occupy very different footprints, you might need one adapter to correctly mount one SFX strength supply where typically you would usage an ATX. It"ll vary on a case-by-case basis, yet don"t just assume you"ll have to throw it out.

Our recommendations

If you"re in the industry for one of two people an ATX or SFX power supply, these are at this time our optimal recommendations because that each.

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FSP Dagger pro 850W

FSP makes good power provides for the likes that EVGA and Cooler Master, yet the company"s very own branded PSUs are also worth considering. The Dagger pro 850W is a great choice because that a contemporary SFF pc build.