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Midnight Club: Los Angeles Cheats because that PlayStation 3

produce a race that finds all collectibles 1. Get in the race editor.2. Press start to go into the layout setting (overhead view)3. Push L1, L2, L3, R1, R3, and also X...The game will produce a race through a checkpoint on up to 30 collectibles you don"t currently have. Check the gyeongju to collect them all. Some will still be difficult to collect!Delete the checkpoints when you"re done and also do that again come find any kind of remaining collectibles.

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Contributed by: Kubmir


Complete each problem to obtain the allotted Trophies. There room 25 copper Trophies, 19 silver Trophies, 1 gold Trophy, and also 1 Platinum Trophy.

Trophy Trophy Unlock Level 3 AGRO. success each of the 4 tournaments at least one time. complete 50 gyeongju online. Successfully damage 15 adversary vehicles utilizing the Payback vehicle at the Beaches garage. price 25 rides online. completely unlock a time psychological by completing all 3 missions. go into an online cruise and join a suggest race. success 15 Red light Races. drive a full of 5,000 miles, including any miles propelled online or offline. Unlock Level 3 ROAR. Successfully supply 15 vehicles the end of the Hollywood garage. win the Exotic Champ. win the luxury Champ. complete 300 offline races. Winning is no required. Spend an ext than 10 minutes in the air. Brought to friend by JORDAN BRAND. In a car, drive a cumulative complete of 50 miles on 2 wheels. steal 80 flags if playing capture the Flag or other fight matches. In goal Attack, complete every goal because that one race. win the Tuner Champ. take trip 1020 feet in a solitary jump. Evade the police effectively when they room in pursuit. save 16 photos come your photograph album. provide 100 flags in capture the Flag or other battle matches. have actually $1 million dollars in the financial institution while play in Los Angeles. success 20 Tiered Matches online. beat the City Champ. get in the gyeongju Editor, develop a race, and then conserve it. Unlock Level 3 EMP. win 5 races in a heat offline. join an online video game with 5 of her friends. Stay associated with MyFaves indigenous T-Mobile. finish one the the missions you receive in the mission log. Unlock the Platinum trophy by unlocking all various other trophies. success 180 offline races. every Goal strikes must be unlocked and also every goal because that every race completed. submit a automobile to price My Ride. to win the Motorcycle Champ. end up the first mission for each the the 4 time trials. journey a cumulative total of 50 miles while law a wheelie on a motorcycle. find all the collectables in Los Angeles. Pull over while the police are in "pull over" mode, then drive away throughout the ticketing cutscene. win 15 dynamic freeway races. Find fifty percent of the collectables in Los Angeles. go into a gyeongju Editor race online. win 10 races on a motorcycle. beat the Muscle Champ. Unlock Level 3 ZONE.
Anger administration (Bronze)
Competitive Glory (Silver)
Crossing the heat (Bronze)
Destroyer of people (Silver)
Everyone"s a movie critic (Bronze)
Father Time (Bronze)
Getting off the Bench (Bronze)
Go on green (Bronze)
Have Car, Will travel (Silver)
Hear me Roar! (Bronze)
Here because that a Pickup (Silver)
How Exotic (Silver)
In the Lap of・(Silver)
It"s exactly how You pat The game (Silver)
Jordan Jumpman (Bronze)
Just gain A Motorcycle (Silver)
Master thief (Silver)
Mild Dedication (Bronze)
Name the Tuner (Silver)
Neither Bird nor plane (Bronze)
Out ~ above Bail (Bronze)
Paparazzi (Bronze)
Postman (Silver)
Rags To riches (Silver)
Ranking increase (Silver)
Retire the understand (Silver)
Saving Los Angeles (Bronze)
Set To shock (Bronze)
Streaker (Bronze)
T-Mobile myFaves (Bronze)
The Basics (Bronze)
The Completist! (Platinum)
The Winner (Silver)
True Dedication (Gold)
Turn in the work (Bronze)
Two wheel of rage (Silver)
Uncle Time (Bronze)
Unicycle (Silver)
Waldo"s Still lacking (Silver)
Wanted man (Bronze)
What"s a rate Limit? (Bronze)
Where in the World? (Bronze)
Who made This? (Bronze)
Winning With much less (Bronze)
World"s the strongest (Silver)
Zoning the end (Bronze)

Contributed by: Guard grasp

South main DLC Trophies

Complete each problem to gain the allotted Trophies. There space 8 copper Trophies and also 2 silver Trophies.

Trophy Trophy end up the South central career success 10 gyeongju in an SUV complete the 3 objectives for the South main time attempt complete the South main tournament fulfill the South central Mechanic finish all South central Goal assaults victory 10 races in a Low driver finish the South central Wager Mission finish 10 deliveries in South central take 1 South main vehicle the end for a test journey
Been there, Done the (Silver)
Big Ballin" (Bronze)
Brother Time (Bronze)
Easier 보다 the Hills (Bronze)
Goin" southern (Bronze)
Low Ballin" (Bronze)
Money for nothing (Bronze)
Sign here (Bronze)
South main Test drive (Bronze)

Contributed by: Guard grasp

Customization Unlocks

Do the quantity of races compelled (DO NOT have to WIN) for EACH that the automobile class types to unlock your particalar customization upgrades. Tuners, Muscles, Luxury, Exotics, and also Superbikes are the car class types.

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Unlockable Unlockable perform 45 races v a details vehicle class. perform 36 races with a certain vehicle class. perform 18 races v a specific vehicle class. do 27 races through a certain vehicle class. perform 45 races with a certain vehicle class. carry out 9 races v a certain vehicle class. do 27 races with a particular vehicle class. execute 36 races through a specific vehicle class. execute 45 races v a details vehicle class. do 27 races v a details vehicle class. execute 18 races through a details vehicle class. execute 9 races with a certain vehicle class. do 27 races with a certain vehicle class. do 36 races through a details vehicle class. perform 45 races through a particular vehicle class.
Car Headlights or Motorcycle Bowls
Car spoiler or Motorcycle Tails
Car Stereos or Motorcycle Tanks
Front Bumpers
Front Seats
Post Gauges
Rear Bumpers
Steering Wheels
Widebody Kits

Contributed by: AlphaOmegaSid

rank Unlocks Unlockable Unlockable gain "Student Driver" location By Earning 2,000 call gain "Racer" rank By Earning 8,060 reputation acquire "Champion" rank By Earning 16,500 call acquire "Idol" rank By Earning 33,500 reputation obtain "Navigator" rank By Earning 800 call obtain "Driver" location By Earning 5,600 reputation acquire "Elite Racer" location By Earning 13,700 call gain "Savant" location By Earning 22,760 reputation acquire "Rookie" location By Earning 3,610 call gain "Veteran" rank By Earning 10,760 reputation obtain "Legend" rank By Earning 19,540 reputation obtain "Hero" location By Earning 26,160 reputation
Group 2 Vehicles
Group 3 Vehicles
Group 4 Vehicles
Karol Garage companion Mission
Level 1 performance Upgrades For group 1 Vehicles
Level 1 power Upgrades For team 2 Vehicles
Level 1 power Upgrades For team 3 Vehicles
Level 1 power Upgrades For team 4 Vehicles
Level 2 power Upgrades For team 1 Vehicles
Level 2 power Upgrades For group 2 Vehicles
Level 2 power Upgrades For group 3 Vehicles
Level 2 performance Upgrades For team 4 Vehicles

Contributed by: AlphaOmegaSid

Unlockables indigenous Collectables

Find covert collectable R* barrels to unlock cheats found in the alternative menu. Note: permitted cheats stays clear of career progress and also money + reputation CANNOT it is in earned.

Unlockable Unlockable discover 20 hidden collectable R* barrels. find 60 covert collectable R* barrels. find 50 surprise collectable R* barrels. uncover 40 surprise collectable R* barrels. find 10 concealed collectable R* barrels. find 30 covert collectable R* barrels.
Never damages Out
No Fines
No Police
Top down View
Unlimited Nitro
Unlimited special Abilities

Contributed by: AlphaOmegaSid

Walkthroughs & FAQs

form Name file Size general FAQs thorough FAQs
FAQ by 91sportsfan 77K
Barrel Location overview by KevBowler300 12K