Speed has constantly been intriguing. Expert baseball football player that can jet approximately the basepaths definitely draw a the majority of attention come themselves.

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Cincinnati Reds prospect Billy Hamilton has been in the spotlight a lot over the past year due to the fact that of his blazing speed. He is just one instance of how a player"s stock deserve to rise since of how fast they deserve to run.

There are a variety of baseball football player that have actually demonstrated superior speed in the major leagues this season. Few of the fastest players in the game are just part-time players, but it is due to the fact that of their rate that lock are even in the significant leagues.

Stolen bases are just one means to measure how quick a player is. Their ability to acceleration to first base, hustle about the bases come score a run and covering ground in the ar all aid determine that the fastest football player in baseball are.

This slideshow ranks the 25 fastest players in baseball today.

25. Carl Crawford
1 the 25

In his nine seasons with the Tampa just Rays, Carl Crawford stole 409 bases. He has actually not stolen bases at that high of a price with the Boston Red Sox, however he is still tremendously fast.

An elbow injury has actually kept Crawford out of a lot of activity this season, yet his legs room still fine (h/t Tony Lee the ESPN Boston). With his very first 21 games, Crawford has stolen 3 bases without being caught and has hit two triples.

24. Jarrod Dyson
2 the 25

Over the past three seasons, Jarrod Dyson has slowly earned an ext and much more playing time since of his speed. In 78 gamings this season, Dyson has actually stolen 22 bases while only being caught three times.

Dyson has actually legged out five triples on the year and also certainly could get a couple of more prior to the season is over. Based on his power this season, Dyson has actually an outstanding speed score that 8.9 (h/t Fangraphs).

23. Andrew McCutchen
3 the 25

There room few, if any, football player in the major leagues the are much more of the complete package 보다 Andrew McCutchen is. He leads the National organization in batting average, is close to the peak of the pack home runs, is a good defensive player and he has blazing speed.

McCutchen has 14 stolen bases and five triples ~ above the year. These 2 things aided him have a speed score the 5.8 on the year (h/t FanGraphs). McCutchen"s speed is just one of the reasons why that is maybe to carry out a great job patrolling center field in ~ PNC Park.

22. Ben Revere
4 the 25

Ben Revere has gotten progressively much better since the was dubbed up in 2010 together a 22-year-old, and also he is looking prefer he will certainly be a big part the the Minnesota Twins" future. One huge thing the Revere brings to the table is speed.

The 27 bases the Revere has actually stolen this season are an excellent enough to location him 3rd in the American League. That has likewise picked up three triples on the year. Based on his prowess top top the bases, Revere has actually a 6.9 rate score this year (h/t FanGraphs).

Revere has been a protective star this year, and he leads every American organization right fielders through a 2.31 selection factor, follow to Baseball-Reference.

21. Jordan Schafer
5 that 25

Jordan Schafer has had actually trouble getting to base this season, and also his .304 on-base percentage is certainly not what the would choose it to be. In spite of those struggles, Schafer has caused troubles once that does obtain on base.

One method that Schafer has been may be to get on base this year is by bunting. He has picked up six bunt access time in 18 do the efforts this season (h/t Baseball-Reference). Schafer has actually stolen 26 bases, an excellent for 6th in the National organization this season. Fangraphs shows a rate score the 6.8 for Schafer ~ above the year.

20. Carlos Gomez
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One of the reasons that Carlos Gomez has seen as lot playing time as he has over the past couple of years v the Milwaukee Brewers is because of his blazing speed. The is a danger to score on almost any hit when he is at 2nd base.

Gomez additionally does a fairly an excellent job of getting to second base after reaching on a single. The Brewers centerfielder has actually stolen 21 bases in 26 attempts. FanGraphs reports a rate score of 9.3 for Gomez this season, which is the highest possible mark of his career.

19. Elvis Andrus
7 that 25

During each of his an initial three seasons in the major leagues, Elvis Andrus has stolen at the very least 30 bases. This season have to be no different, as he already has 18 steals on the year.

With six triples this year, Andrus ranks third in the American League. Andrus has collected six bunt access time in 14 do the efforts this season (h/t Baseball-Reference). His tremendous rate has additionally helped Andrus make demonstrate an excellent range at shortstop. It have to come as no surprise that Andrus has actually a high rate score the 6.5 (h/t FanGraphs).

18. Drew Stubbs
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Drew Stubbs made waves during his an initial full season in the significant leagues due to the fact that he placed up a 20/20 year. In fact, Stubbs stole 30 bases in 2010. The was adhered to up by a 40-steal year in 2011.

Stubbs is on pace to rest 30 steals when again, together he currently has 26 steal bases ~ above the season. There have been 10 times this season once Stubbs has actually tried come bunt for a hit, and also he has been effective in 4 of lock (h/t Baseball-Reference). FanGraphs mirrors that Stubbs has actually a speed score the 7.2, i beg your pardon is great for the fifth-best score in baseball.

17. Matt Kemp
9 that 25

Matt Kemp showed just how dominant of a player he can be in 2011 as soon as he just missed both a 40/40 season and also winning the National organization MVP award. Kemp"s speed is just one of the points that enabled him to take end a game.

A hamstring injury has actually bugged Kemp in 2012, and also it has absolutely zapped some of his lighting-fast rate (h/t Andrew john of The Los Angeles Times). Together a an outcome of the injury, Kemp has been attempting much less stolen bases and only has 4 steals top top the year. When he is healthy, it is difficult to deny that Kemp is one of the fastest football player in baseball.

16. Jose Altuve
10 the 25

In what has actually been a down year because that the Houston Astros, castle have had actually one bright shinning star. Jose Altuve has emerged as a piece that the Astros need to be feather to develop around.

Altuve has actually demonstrated the capability to acquire on base at around a .300 clip, and once there, he has had tiny problem mirroring off his speed and also stealing bases. His 23 stolen bases are 10th in the national League.

With a speed score that 6.5, Altuve ranking as among the fastest players in baseball (h/t FanGraphs).

15. Clay Buchholz
11 that 25

It is an extremely rare that American league pitchers operation on the base paths, but based upon his speed, the Boston Red Sox might want to think about using Clay Buchholz as a pinch runner. It can definitely be said that Buchholz is deceptively fast.

When Buchholz was a an elderly in high school, he ran an exceptional 10.87 in the 100-meter dash (h/t Tom Halliburton).

14. Nyjer Morgan
12 the 25

Nyjer Morgan is a testament to the reality that being fast does not mean that a player is good at thefts bases. The stole 34 bases in 2010, however he was also caught 17 times that year.

Writers such together Aaron Gleeman the NBC Sports suggested that Morgan prevent trying to steal together much since of how often he gained caught. The Brewers obviously agreed v this idea, and also Morgan"s stolen-base attempts are method down since 2010.

While Morgan might not be showing his speed when he tries come steal bases, he displayed it once he motors about the basepaths together he is trying come score.

13. Juan Pierre
13 that 25

Juan Pierre has led his league in steal bases 3 times during his career. Also in his mid-30s, Pierre is prove to it is in a problem on the bases for opposing pitchers. He has actually swiped 27 bags on the year.

There have actually been 4 occasions this season in which Pierre has been able to stretch the end a triple. Among the much more impressive things about Pierre"s number this year is the fact that he has actually nine bunt hits (h/t Baseball-Reference).

12. Ichiro Suzuki
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Since coming to the major leagues in 2001, Ichiro Suzuki has been among the fastest football player in the major leagues. In 10 the end of his an initial 11 seasons in the majors, Ichiro stole at least 30 bases.

Ichiro has gathered a variety of bunt hits end the years, however he has only had one this season (h/t Baseball-Reference). The factor that Ichiro had the ability to rack up all of these bunt hits is his incredible speed to very first base. He had been time at 3.7 secs from the batter"s box to very first base by scouts early in his career (h/t Matt Christopher).

While Ichiro has slowed under over the years, he still has an superior speed score of 6.6 (h/t FanGraphs).

11. Jason Bourgeois
15 the 25

Despite his speed, Jason Bourgeois has actually struggled to gain playing time in the Kansas City Royals outfield this season. However, manager Ned Yost was instantly impressed through Bourgeois" rate in spring training this year after the Royals traded for him (h/t dick Kaegel of MLB.com).

A year ~ stealing 31 bases in simply 93 games for the Houston Astros, Bourgeois has actually three stolen bases in 19 games this year. Also in his restricted action, Bougeois has actually a rate score that 8.0 this season (h/t FanGraphs).

10. Rajai Davis
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When Rajai Davis will bases, the opposite catchers know that they have to be prepared to make a throw under to 2nd base. Davis already has 30 stolen bases this year, i m sorry is an excellent for second in the American League. One of the things that renders Davis" stolen base full even more impressive is the reality that he has actually so plenty of steals while having only 282 bowl appearances.

Davis has also jetted his way to 3 triples so far this season. The Toronto Blue Jays outfielder has actually a rate score that 8.4 this year (h/t FanGraphs).

9. Cameron Maybin
17 that 25

One of the tools that scouts raved about when Cameron Maybin was in the minor leagues was his speed (h/t MLB). Maybin lastly showed off that speed in the majors when he stole 40 bases in 2011.

This season, Maybin has actually struggled to get on base, yet he has actually terrorized the opposite pitchers and also catchers as soon as he does reach base. He already has 20 steal bases top top the season. Follow to FanGraphs, Maybin has a rate score the 7.5. 

There is a lot of space in facility field in ~ PETCO Park, and Maybin has been able come cover all of the ground over there without any problems.

8. Jacoby Ellsbury
18 that 25

Ever because Jacoby Ellsbury stole 70 bases in 2009, he has actually been slowed down by injuries. Because that season, Ellsbury has actually stolen simply 49 bases if being caught 16 times.

That does not diminish the tremendous speed that Ellsbury has. A healthy and balanced Jacoby Ellsbury is one of the fastest football player in baseball.

7. Quintin Berry
19 that 25

Based on few of the stolen basic totals that he put up in the young leagues, the Detroit tigers knew the Quintin Berry had some speed. It would have been hard to mean that he would have actually stolen 15 bases there is no being caught so much this season.

Berry has attempted come bunt because that a hit 13 time this season, and also he has actually been successful six times (h/t Baseball-Reference). A rate score the 8.5 for Berry is amongst the ideal in the major leagues, and also it reflects that that is a speed demon (h/t FanGraphs).

6. Brett Gardner
20 that 25

The brand-new York Yankees have let Brett Gardner operation wild due to the fact that he reached the major leagues, and also it has resulted in him picking up 137 stolen bases v his an initial 468 games. The has likewise successfully bunted because that a hit 22 times in 49 attempts throughout his career (h/t Baseball-Reference).

An elbow injury has cost Gardner an extended amount the time this season, and also he has only played nine games (h/t David Waldstein the The new York Times). While the Yankees space leading the American league East, they absolutely miss having actually Gardner and also his legs in their lineup.

5. Jose Reyes
21 of 25

Jose Reyes could hardly be stopped on the basepaths in between 2005 and also 2007. The led the National organization in steal bases in every of those season and also had 202 steals and 46 triples in the three-year period.

Reyes has because had to resolve a variety of hamstring issues, yet they have actually not taken far too lot of his speed (h/t Adam Rubin that The brand-new York day-to-day News).

Now with the Miami Marlins, Reyes has actually demonstrated his impressive speed. On the year, Reyes has actually eight triples and also 28 stolen bases. His 7.2 speed score is the fifth-best in baseball for qualified players this year (h/t FanGraphs).

4. Tony Campana
22 that 25

A huge part the Tony Campana"s worth is acquired from his outstanding speed. The stole 24 bases in 2011, and also Campana has improved on the number already this season.

With his 26 steals in 29 attempts, Campana has boosted his career stolen basic success portion to 91 percent. The Cubs must certainly try to obtain Campana more at-bats therefore he has actually the possibility to swipe more bases.

Campana has made good use that his speed when it pertains to bunting for base hits. He has actually seven bunt access time on the season (h/t Baseball-Reference).

3. Dee Gordon
23 the 25

When Dee Gordon stole 73 bases throughout his second year in the young leagues, the Los Angeles Dodgers knew the he might have a big impact in the majors due to the fact that of his speed. Gordon had gotten the optimal speed grade from a scout as soon as he was in the minors (h/t Jon heyman of CBS Sports).

Gordon has actually only play in 78 gamings so far this season and he has struggled a bit. However, Gordon has actually caused difficulties for pitchers as soon as he has been ~ above the bases and has 30 steals on the year.

2. Michael Bourn
24 that 25

Michael Bourn was born come run. He has been a prolific basic stealer during his career, and he right now ranks 3rd in the National organization with 29 stolen bases top top the year. For the past three seasons, Bourn has led the National league in stolen bases.

Bourn has actually demonstrated one outstanding capability to stretch doubles into triples, and also he has actually eight three-baggers this season. Through an exceptional 7.9 speed score, Bourn ranks 2nd amongst qualified football player (h/t FanGraphs).

1. Mike Trout
25 the 25

It appears as if over there is nothing the young superstar Mike Trout can not do. He can hit because that power and average, plays good defense and he has tremendous speed. Trout was given an 80 speed grade, the highest feasible grade, by man Sickels the Minor league Ball.

This season, Trout has certainly lived approximately his high grade. Trout leads all of baseball through 36 steals, and he has been captured just three times. Additionally, Trout has 5 triples ~ above the season. Trout has actually only tried to bunt for a hit four times this season, yet he has actually been effective three time (h/t Baseball-Reference).

There is no player in baseball with much more than 300 at-bats that has a higher speed score 보다 the 9.0 the Mike Trout has (h/t FanGraphs).

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