In the so late 1980s and also early ‘90s, there was a company model the was practically as famous as the map shops the we had actually on every street corner: the picture studio.

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Before digital cameras, us were relegated to the use of Polaroid and other prompt cameras. We either had actually our photograph pop the end of a compartment at the bottom that the camera or we had these neat little things referred to as “film rolls” that would advance through the camera and also need to it is in dropped off at a photograph lab to it is in developed.

This procedure was perfect because that candid or action shots. However it was not optimal for the posed family members portrait. Periodically the movie from a photograph lab would have streaks or twin exposure or some various other issue. Therefore if you were going to do us children dress up in slacks and also a button down shirt, you wanted the photograph to come out choose it was an alleged to.

Thus the need for the photo studio.

The picture studios to be both corporate expansions of big stores and small mom and also pop’s depending upon where you lived. I specifically remember Sears and also Olan Mills in mine area. Castle were experienced settings wherein you simply showed up at her appointment time dressed because that success and they did all the work. This was method easier 보다 standing there v the sunlight in your face, through bugs paris around, and also your aunt trying to get everyone come smile. This was legit.


I psychic studios making use of these sophisticated backdrops the were marbled and were virtually always some variation of gray, black, or white. The neutral colors permitted for friend to shade coordinate your outfits together a family while not worrying about the backdrop being an old azalea shrub that offsets everything.

There to be stools, blankets, small chairs, and all kinds of various other props to do the family look prefer they were all huddled up with each other in a perfect pose. That course, if there were little kids involved, the photographer had actually toy props collection up behind the camera to acquire a smile and keep your attention. Lock pulled the end all the stop to make sure the photograph was precious the chunk of adjust mom and dad were dropping to add another photograph to the wall.

I remember these studio setups for our institution pictures, church catalog pictures, family photos, engagement announcements, and also many other occasions. The suggest of the totality ordeal was to develop a expert looking photo for a keepsake.

Which brings united state to baseball cards . . .

Up until 1991, baseball cards virtually always featured candid and activity photos. They to be the form of photos the resulted from several of the fancy camera work-related of someone at the stadium or in the stands. Yet after Leaf presented their extremely successful flagship collection in 1990, they determined to branch out a bit. That branch out had a trip back to the photo studio for part seriously expert looking headshots. 1991 leaf Studio Baseball to be born.

1991 leaf Studio Baseball is a 264-card set, tiny by 1991 standards, i m sorry featured football player posing in your uniforms with a backdrop behind them. The photos space black and also white (for the very first time since 1961) through a red maroon border. The cards are simple. They have the player name and also position in the bottom right corner, the team logo design (very small) in the bottom left corner, and a glowing yellow “Studio ’91” in the top right.

The backs that the cards carry out not incorporate stats but listed some fun info that is broken down into several categories. The backs feature the adhering to sections: PERSONAL, CAREER, HOBBIES & INTERESTS, and also HEROES. Together you might imagine, over there is part splendid details to it is in gathered from this set. Because that instance, Steve Lake had actually a parrot named “Ruffles.”

The rookie course in 1991 was a little slim by today’s standards, with only Jeff Bagwell as the standout. However, at the time, there were some large rookies that contained Todd van Poppel, Phil Plantier, Brian McRae, Jeff Conine, and also Wes Chamberlain. The set is not brief on hall of Famers though, through 36 ~ above the checklist.

Though the rookie course was slim, there room some good shots the players like Jeff Kunkel. This one to be a lot of fun.

One of the the happiest shots in the collection is this of Gary Carter. If you don’t look at this Carter and smile, i don’t understand that baseball cards space for you.

The Ken Griffey Jr. Is a bit of a throwback come the 1989 upper Deck but with a more serious look. I constantly loved this card.

I’ve never ever met one Ozzie blacksmith card i didn’t like, and also 1991 Studio is no exception. Ozzie to be in fact a “Wizard” v the gloves so this photograph really makes a most sense. It could be the ideal card in the set.

As a Braves fan, I need to say that this one is my favorite of the home team. I am a huge Ron Gant collector yet this Smoltz with the rosin bag is perfect!

There room no inserts in 1991 Studio packs as the whole set felt choose an oversized insert set itself. The only enhancement to the collection is a rod Carew Puzzle, which was standard for Donruss/Leaf products during that time. There room 48 packs per box v 10 cards every pack, which offered “new fire-sealed” packaging. The cards space a bit glossier than a traditional Leaf flagship card together well.

1991 Studio may not stand the end to day. There have been loads of advancements made within the industry and also we have parallels, brief prints, chrome, acetate, and also all species of map offerings. Also Dufex in the mid 1990s made many cards from 1990-1991 useless looking. Yet when this set released, it had some appeal v collectors. It offered us an opportunity to include a “photo” that our favourite player come our card collection.

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1991 Studio Baseball is certainly worth the expedition down storage lane. Not only are you most likely to enjoy the funny poses and also classic football player from the Junk Wax Era, but you’ll also remember few of the photograph studio adventures you most likely took as a kid, too. Girlfriend can uncover these memories for around $10 per box, which is very fair when considering how much it prices to to buy a box of cards today.