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RICHMOND – C.F. Sauer, the spice and sauce company, owns one of the great forgotten mayonnaise brands, Mrs. Filbert’s.

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In the South, mayonnaise is important. Food snobs do not favor it, but that is so wrong, due to the fact that different levels of vinegar make different mayo. Because that instance, many believe Kraft mayo is way too sweet. And others find that short fat mayo has an aftertaste.

The vital to good food, particularly in the summer is mayo. In Virginia and North Carolina, the is greatly all about Duke’s Mayonnaise, i m sorry is a phibìc Carolina brand yet owned by Richmond-based Sauer. However, simply poking around their website, we noticed that they likewise now sell Mrs. Filbert’s. In some ways, the brand to be bigger 보다 Duke’s. Mrs. Filbert’s was likewise a southerly brand, with workplaces in Atlanta, but an initial sold and made in Baltimore during the Depression.

Mrs. Filbert’s dates from 1935, and was initially sold through J. H. Filbert, Inc., 3701 Southwestern Blvd. Baltimore, and later Conopco. In 1984, Unilever’s Lipton invest renewed the trademark.

Sauer bought Mrs. Filbert’s in 1999. Sauer now owns Sauer’s Mayonnaise, Duke’s Mayonnaise and also Mrs. Filberts. If Unilever ever sold lock Hellman’s, we’d have to put the old Justice department anti-trust ~ above ’em.

There was in reality a Mrs. Filbert, a Mrs. M.V. Filbert, who would provide you her money back if you didn’t favor the mayo.

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