“Go get the wood spoon, place it on the dresser, gain undressed, and lie facedown in the bed,” i heard my boyfriend’s instructions as I stared in ~ his chest, also ashamed come look right into his eyes. Seeing my absence of movement, the firmly propelled me towards the door. Ns dragged mine feet as I walked right into the kitchen, mine gaze stable on the lengthy thick wood spoon the lay top top the respond to waiting because that me. Acquisition wobbly breaths, tears blurred my vision together I grabbed it and also made my way back to mine room.

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A well timed spank to your far-reaching other’s ass deserve to be particularly sexy. A turn-on, foreplay, or simply harmless teasing. For part couples, spanking have the right to be a fun way to summer sprouts up your sex life or incorporate dominant/submission facets to the bedroom for much more kinky play. When it concerns spanking, to each its own; so long as it’s consensual.

I to be twenty-one, recovering indigenous my an initial heartbreak, and also discovering mine sexuality. The summer had recently pertained to an end and I was getting ready to begin my small year of college. As the semester started and also the night step of pregames, parties, and red solo cups commenced, I determined to deviate native the norm. Earlier in the year i had gotten into my very first college relationship, and also after 6 months of break up and also getting ago together — at some point it ended.

In the wake up of my brand-new freedom, I made decision “college guys” no my taste and also I required to venture older. Someone with a stable job, maturity, and also finetuned communication skills. It to be naive that me to i think just since someone was older the they would have these attributes, but I did. Looking for my older and sophisticated new love ns turned come what most young college-aged women rely on: Tinder.

He was twenty-six, a recent college graduate v both his bachelors and also masters degrees, and also full-time job. Traditionally attractive, very fit, well dressed. And better yet, he superliked me. instantly after swiping right and also matching, he messaged me with a witty opener. The told me i was whatever he was looking for and also openly expressed his attraction because that me. Really quickly us exchanged call numbers, and after texting for 2 weeks we were sitting down face to face in a Panera Bread at our very first date.

He played every his cards right.

He paid because that everything, held open doors, complimented mine appearance, openly expressed his interest, asked questions about me and my life. That remembered the little things, laugh at mine jokes, and also seemed come love the things I to be self conscious aboout. He was direct, straightforward, and also honest around what he wanted: a mrs to love and also take treatment of. He didn’t kiss me till the end of our second date and we didn’t have sex till the third. The very first time we had actually sex he seemed impatient — at the time, I thought it to be passion. That ripped my garments off, threw me down on the bed, kept making comments about my body, and also took regulate of me in a way no man had before.

One night after a month that dating, he proved up all of sudden at my job to pick me up. He was drunk and rambling about his ex-girlfriend, his number one enemy. Told me she was crazy and also that I must never ever speak to her. Then he asked me to be his girlfriend. Ns hesitated and asked the if he believed we to be rushing things. He came to be upset and said he was certain of his feelings because that me, therefore why no I. In the month he constantly showered me v affection, attention, and adoration. Ns didn’t want him to feeling rejected however I couldn’t deny the nagging feeling that everything was happening therefore quickly. Truthfully, ns cared because that him deeply and also never had actually I developed such strong emotions therefore quickly.

So I claimed yes.

At very first the spankings were just flirty, teasing, and also foreplay. Wednesday play wrestle in his room and he’d force me throughout his lap and spank me playfully. Wednesday both it is in laughing together I struggled against him, giggling trying come squirm away. I expressed enjoying gift spanked throughout sex so he made sure to spank me in the throes the passion. However, he started to spank me for various other reasons climate to make me laugh or rotate me on. I’d say a sarcastic comment and also find myself receiving an immediate and hard slap to mine bottom over my clothes. Singular, but shocking. I’d laugh nervously unsure of just how to react and just brushed the off as he’d do a joke about it. He no angry and also surely he wasn’t actually trying to hurt me…right?

One night about two months into our relationship he gift me with a gold necklace that had the very first letter that his very first name dangling from it. He provided me a cool speech about what a large milestone in our partnership this was; what a proclamation the love this was. He promised come take care of me, to respect me, come be through me forever. The necklace to be a price of our love — and my dedication come him. If ns agreed to expropriate his necklace ns was agreeing come him having full authority over me. I was agreeing come belong to him, love him, trust him, and be v him forever. If ns denied come wear it, we would certainly break increase immediately. The selection was mine and also of course ns accepted. It had to be worn 24/7 and if I ever before removed the necklace, he would certainly break up through me.

Immediately ~ I started wearing the necklace things started to change. With it came rules, and also with rules came punishments. I could not address him through anything various other than Daddy, I had actually to constantly be sexually obtainable to satisfied him, I could not speak to any kind of other male in mine life, ns was not permitted to orgasm without explicit permision, and I have to remain in a positive mood to no sour his. I could no longer view myself together an individual, and also instead ns belonged come him. I had to ask for permission because that everything. Everyday was a new rule and another chance to do a mistake. Up till this point we were equals, there to be no punishments, and I was motivated to have actually my own opinions. It to be a large change and also a daunting adjustment because that me come make.

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The common punishment was a fast spanking. At an initial it to be on a 3-strike basis. After 3 verbal warnings, accompanied by a disapproving look, intended a short but for sure spanking end my clothes. Easily it was every time a mistake to be made. Wednesday be hanging the end in his room make jokes and also playing around. The ask me a question and I’d say, “Yes,” rather of “Yes Daddy,”. Before I can correct myself, I’d be bent over something. His lap, the bed, a table; everything was close and convenient. Very soon, there was not a solitary day that passed that i wasn’t spanked because that something.

He constantly made me feeling guilty whenever the spanked me. That would become visibly upset and also call me a “bad girl”. He asserted he didn’t choose spanking me, the it hurt him come hurt me. After every spanking he would plead because that me to “just be good”. Why couldn’t I simply be good? Why was it so an overwhelming for me come remember all his rules? Why was ns such a disappointment? ns was the reason and also cause for all the arguments in our relationship. I loved him so much, surely if I can just be an excellent then every little thing would better…right?

As our relationship progressed, therefore did the punishments. Face slapping, orgasm denial, and also rape were common. That didn’t treatment where we were, I had to be obedient at all times come his satisfaction. He didn’t just spank me in the privacy of his place. If us were hanging v friends, he’d take it me come the bathroom. If us were the end in public, he’d take me to the car. If us were driving, he’d pull over. He loaded on more expectations, more rules, much more things the were unacceptable. In return that “took care of me”. He fully and fully supported me financially. Paid every my bills, retained my wallet loaded through cash, take it me on regular shopping sprees. He cooked because that me, purchase me gifts, assisted me through my homework . He showed me turn off to his friends, couldn’t stand a day without me, and also couldn’t sleep in ~ night uneven I was there. He applied to teach in ~ my University and began looking at apartments close to my own. He claimed I belonged to him and also it was his responsibility to care for me.

The day I received my an initial severe punishment, as he referred to as it, to be a day I’ll never ever forget. I had just failed an exam, i was taking an intense winter class, and overworked in ~ my job. Us had gained into an debate over text and according come him I had actually crossed every line, disrespected him, and didn’t take our connection seriously. He claimed it was unfair the me to take it my frustration the end on him when he had been nothing however exceptionally good to me, despite my battles with obeying every his rules. He lectured me thoroughly, and also by the finish I feel horrible, therefore ashamed the I had actually hurt the — the I had made him feeling so disrespected and also unloved. Ns felt deserving that the punishment and also I’d execute anything to feeling his love again.

He proved up in ~ my apartment with a bag complete of my favorite snacks, to be delighted in after ns was punished. Mine stomach was in knots and also I might barely look that in his eyes; which just gleamed with disappointment. The made me wait house all day for him, alone and writing 250 currently of the exact same apologetic sentence: “I will never disrespect my daddy again,”. I presented him with my lines, and he do me take a snapshot of it and set it as my phone lockscreen. I had actually to store it because that the following two weeks; as a continuous reminder.

I wanted to be punished due to the fact that I wanted to it is in forgiven. I wanted him to embrace me, kiss me, make jokes v me. Rather he was cold, stern, and angry.

“Go gain the wood spoon, location it top top the dresser, gain undressed, and lie facedown in the bed,”

Naked, shaking, and facedown; ns was clutching top top the stuffed tortoise he had provided me at an early stage in ours relationship. I could hear the moving approximately the room, my anxiety and anticipation climbing with each passing second. Up till that point, I had actually never been spanked through anything other than his ceiling hand. I might feel his weight pressing down together he climbed onto the bed. The hair on back of my neck stood right up together I heard the spoon gift picked up off the dresser.

“I to be going to spank you 10 times v the wood spoon then second 55 v my hand. I’m also going to slap girlfriend in the challenge 10 times and also have very forceful sex with you. I will certainly not protect against until i feel that you are truly sorry because that what you’ve done. Cry together loud as you want, scream together loud as you want, but don’t avoid apologizing for what you’ve done and speak clearly. If I have to ask you to speak up, I will hit friend again. Perform you understand?”. His voice to be dark and also serious. Ns cleared my throat, lifted mine head turn off the pillow, and responded — “Yes Daddy,”.

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“Count,” he instructed me before delivering the first whack. I yelled out sharply, never ever experiencing a sensation favor that before; however quickly counted the end one. He supplied his full strength and also after each hit he gave me a few seconds come writhe about before notified me come get back into position. Each strike stung prefer fire, resulting in me to involuntarily scream the end after every one. After ~ the 10 wood spanks, he ongoing with his hand. Ns counted along, in between sobs and tried my ideal not to mess up, discovering that would just prompt that to begin over. When the spanking to be over, my hand instinctively flew ago in an effort to seize onto and soothe mine scorching ass. The slapped my hand away and also yelled at me no to touch. He began raping me, with aggression, degradation, and an ext spanking. Slapping me throughout the face, phone call me anything from slut, whore, and bitch. Informing me it was my fault, that i was disrespectful, I had crossed the line, I put him in the horrible place of having to attend to my brattiness. As I was instructed to execute earlier, i begged and apologized profusely. Asked for his forgiveness, swore to never ever disrespect the again, acknowledged my wrong. And finally, after ~ what felt prefer a life time — it was over.

He hosted me together I weeped, smoothed my hair, kissed my forehead, and rubbed mine ass. He told me everything was forgiven and also forgotten, cleaned me up, wrapped me in a robe, and snuggled through me top top the couch while us watched my favourite show. I felt strange clingy and dependent, I necessary him now more than ever. For this reason relieved it was over, therefore happy he was loving me again. So sorry I had pushed him so far.

He told me if I ever disrespected the again, he would certainly tie me down and also make the punishment seem like fun.

After that night, he preserved the wooden spoon in his possession at every times; as a danger to store me in line. I wish I might say it to be the last time he offered it ~ above me, yet it was only the first. He ongoing to discover reasons come spank me daily and also I had acquired so supplied to it, ns didn’t also bat one eye. I slowly started to resent him, spending an ext time bent over than upright. I uncovered out my habits didn’t matter, i tried my finest to please him and it to be never good enough. Over there was constantly a mistake, a to let go expectation, a disappointment. Ns was raped an ext than not, increase to four times a day; every day. I was spanked if i couldn’t orgasm. I was spanked if i orgasmed as well soon. Ns was spanked if I was in a poor mood. Ns was spanked if I had too lot homework come do, taking away time indigenous him. Ns was even spanked if I had actually done nothing wrong, he said it was to store me in line and for future mistakes.

Where did every little thing go therefore wrong? how did i go from sharing a first kiss under the moonlight filled v butterflies, to feeling as if my value was established by mine “holes”. To normalizing physical, sexual, emotional, and also mental abuse. Phone call myself his property and also blaming myself because that every punishment i received. I planned come marry him, begin a family members with him, and live happily ever before after. If just I might get that right, follow every his rules, save him happy, not be a screw-up. I was the factor we weren’t working, or so ns told myself. I simply wanted him come love as he walk in the beginning, for this reason passionate and also so intense. My me worth had plummeted, my confidence shot, everyday was an argument.

How did i realize he no love me? how did I identify his true narcissistic and abusive behaviors? exactly how did I obtain away native a guy who had conditioned me to think I can not live there is no him? Well, this is the story of just how I was spanked by mine boyfriend.

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And the story of exactly how I acquired away is for one more time…

I just want to say thanks to everyone in development for taking the moment to review my story and my heart sincerely goes out to everyone who have the right to relate to any kind of aspect of my experience.