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I"m fear I"ll kill the following dog ns get... (clean, vet, cleaning)
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So quite recently, the sanctuary puppy I adopted came down with parvo a week later and, in spite of treatment, did not recover (died Friday night...ugh). It to be awful and it renders me heartsick to think around it. All the same, ns am dice for some canine companionship. The vet claimed I need to avoid pass puppies about the home for the time being and to make certain that if I obtain an older dog, that is completely vaccinated. He said bleaching the house and also yard to death as much of the virus as I can, as well. At any rate, I discussed to a shelter in city to take it a look around, and the guy who was working there freaked me the end by saying that in his experience, larger dogs space at hazard too and also there was a 50/50 possibility they would obtain parvo if exposed to it...that I have to beware of bringing one more dog home, and also that that wasn"t sure the shelter would adopt an pet out to me anyway. Ns think that was full of crap, yet now I"m emotion really paranoid about the entirety thing. The blog post I got from the vet was that I should take precautions, but that an adult vaccinated dog must be fine even if i don"t manage to bleach all the virus away. ns took the puppy all over the place and I don"t think I"ll be able to ensure the the house and also yard are completely complimentary of parvovirus. When I was in search of a dog before, there to be a pair of lock that ns was interested in...the puppy i m sorry I finished up adopting and an adult dog the was playing v her. The adult dog is still in ~ the shelter...I understand she"s had at the very least one set of inoculations (not sure yet if she has actually the full set). Yet she must have actually been exposed come the parvo...right? She and also the puppy were together in the exact same vicinity? however she is tho healthy, 2 weeks later... If I take on a vaccinated dog, exactly how safe would certainly she it is in here? I believed it was rarely for lock to acquire parvo if vaccinated...isn"t this accurate? If ns can"t eliminate all the parvo epidemic from mine home, will I end up killing the following dog too? ns wouldn"t be able to stand an additional dead dog.