Possible Duplicate: “My friends and I” vs. “My friends and me” vs. “Me and my friends” deserve to “myself” stand for both “me” and “I” in “my mother and also I/me”?

What is correct?We room a household of four: mine father, mine mother, my brother and also me.orWe room a family of four: my father, mine mother, mine brother and I.orWe space a family members of four: my father, mine mother, my brother and myself.

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All space correct—they differ only in style. The an option of I or me usually depends on even if it is the pronoun in concern is component of the subject or object the a verb. In this case, the verb is to be. This is a simple example:

It is I.

It is me.

Using I sounds perhaps much more formal, but also less natural, so use me if you’re composing as you would certainly speak. Myself is typically used with a reflexive verb, where the object of the activity is additionally the subject:

I take care of myself.

However, myself/yourself/&c. are likewise frequently used as an ext formal choices to me/you/&c.

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, particularly in lists of people. Part object to it as a issue of style, but I think it’s additionally acceptable. When in doubt, choose me:

We space a family of four: my father, my mother, mine brother, and also me.

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