A speaker remembers occasions from his childhood. The an initial detail recalled is that the smell of whisky ~ above his father’s breath was solid enough to do him a little light-headed. With no context other than the title, he then throws the reader right into the center of the event, recalling vividly just how he to be holding on because that dear life if his father involved him in a waltz. He note the challenge of these dances, arguing that the waltz is habitual or at least repeated.

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As the dancing continues, it becomes rowdy and also disruptive. Pans loss off of their shelf, and the boy"s mother, city hall the dance, frowns in ~ the father and son.

Meanwhile, the dance itself i do not care clumsier and an ext violent. The father, whose hands room dirty and damaged, clings to the boy"s wrist. He also keeps time by tapping against his head. The father starts to miss actions in the dance, resulting in the speaker"s ear to scrape against the buckles on his clothes.

Finally, the dad carries the speaker turn off to bed, v the speaker still stop on come the father"s shirt.

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