Reason someone might make fun of your car.Old 29Dirty 23Color/Paint task 21Has dents/Beat increase 8Too little 5Too big 3Famous "Martin"MLK JR 25Martin Lawrence 22Dean boy name 19Martin Sheen 15Steve martin 11Martin brief 8TRIPLEName soemthing you try to avoid once camping in the woods.Bears 42Bugs 33Snakes 20Skunk 2Triple/Sudden DeathName something you wind up.Clock/Watch 83Toy 11Music crate 3Top 3Name an animal mentioned in the bible.Ass 35Sheep 32Snake 12Lion 7Dove 6Ox 3Name a German Food. Sauerkraut 49Wiener Schnitzel 20Knockwurst 8Sauerbraten 6Wieners 5German coco Cake 4Bratwurst 3Poato Salad 2Name another word because that "restaurant".Cafe 56Diner 15Coffee shop 7Deli 3Greasy Spoon 3Cafeteria 2Eatery 2Burger share 2Name an tool in a symphony orchestra.Violin 61Cello 6Drum 5Harp 4Oboe 4Trumpet 4Viola 4Trombone 3On a deserted island...Find Water 30Find Food 22Build shelter 20Look for help 16Build Fire 12Name a item of clothing civilization buy without trying on.Socks/Hosiery 42Underwear 32Necktie 5Scarf 5Shirt 5Name something world do in a park.Picnic 32Feed bird 14Walk 14Sit on a bench 8Walk the dog 5Jog 3Get mugged 3Play round 3Name other you store in her wallet.Money 54Driver"s license 17Pictures 12Credit cards 11Identification 6Name something you eat with crackers. Cheese 61Soup 27Peanut butter 6Chili 3Name something discovered in a movie studio.Camera 66Actor/Actress 8Lights 8Props 7Director 3Set 3Script 2Name someone human being call once they"re in trouble.Police 77Minister 7Lawyer 5Fire room 3Parent 3Friends 2Triple/Sudden DeathName a note Twain character.Tom Sawyer 60Huckleberry Finn 36Becky Thatcher 2Fast MoneyName something civilization cut.Hair 49Paper 12Meat 10Grass 7Finger 6Fingernail 3Name a type of cheese.Cheddar 32Swiss 24American 13Blue 5Longhorn 4Muenster 3Name a problem world have through their feet.Corns 31Athlete"s foot 26Flat feet 11They"re sore 8Odor 6Bunions 5Name an American fort.Knox 38Sumter 8Bragg 7Lee 5Niagara 4McHenry 3Name a part of a ship.Bow 26Deck 23Hull 20Stern 15Galley 3Anchor 2Name a deodorant brand.Right security 20Arrid 19Ban 16Secret 11Sure 9Dial 8Name a lollipop flavor.Cherry 36Strawberry 24Grape 15Orange 9Lemon 5Chocolate 2Name a month of the year.January 17December 12June 12February 10July 10May 10Name a word the rhymes through "pink."Stink 20Mink 19Think 13Sink 8Ink 7Link 6Name a word provided to start a toast.Cheers 42Bottoms increase 11To your health and wellness 7Here"s to... 6Skoal 5Congratulations 3Name a weapon you throw.Spear 39Knife 23Grenade 7Rock 7Arrow 6Dart 6Name miscellaneous you find in a park.Benches 25Trees 23Birds 8Grass 8Swings 5Muggers 3Name something that shines.The sun 31Diamonds 21Shoes 8Star 8Silver 6The Moon 5Name a high payment occupation.Doctor 38President 15Actor 14Lawyer 9Politician 3Pilot 3Name a sort of cake.Chocolate 40Angel food 15Pound 10Birthday 8Cheesecake 3Banana 3Name the most wrinkled part of the body.Face 29Neck 22Hands 18Elbows 9Forehead 5Fingers 2Name something cherry-flavored.Soda 14Jello 12Gum 11Ice cream 9Lollipop 8Pie 8Name something you would see at a bullfight.The bull 33Toreador 33Cape 14Blood 13Sword 2Rose 2Give an additional word or phrase for "beautiful."Georgeous 40Pretty 39Lovely 12Attractive 2Glamorous 2Good feather 2Name other a dentist put in your mouth.Drill 34Fingers/hand 16Filling 13Mirror 10Cotton 4Bridge 3Name a color leaves revolve in autumn.Red 27Brown 23Orange 19Yellow 17Gold 12Crimson 2Name a sort of bread.Rye 37Wheat 29French 10Sourdough 4White 4Shepherds 3Name a birthday world hate come reach.40th 2930th 2435th 2350th 1665th 420th 2TRIPLEName something friend lick.Ice Cream 38Lollipop 28Stamp 13Popsicle 10Name something world only use once.KleenexToilet Paper"Protection"Paper TowelToothpick100 dieters: an initial thing friend ate when you walk off your diet.Ice CreamCakeCandyPizzaSteak/MeatName other that renders your party great.FoodMusicGuestsMe (The Host)Free LiquorName miscellaneous every bachelorette party needs.StrippersAlcoholMusicFoodGirlfriendsName a nickname quick people are worn down of hearing.ShortyMidgetShrimpPee-weeTinyName a fat animal.PigElephantHippoCowWalrusSomething we know around Abraham LincolnFreed the servants 26Was killed 19Was chairman 11Face ~ above Money 8Log Cabin 6Long moustache 5Which song will Michael Jackson be many remembered for?Thriller 45Beat it 35Ben 8Billie Jean 5Bad 3If anyone obeyed the law, surname something we wouldn"t need.Police 87Guns 3Jails 3Traffic tickets 3100 men: What would you carry out if in ~ the finish of a an intricate dinner date; your credit transaction card was declined?Pay with Cash/ATM 55Ask date to salary 13Call who 7Use an additional card 55embarassed 3Call company 3Leave 3What execute you like best about Sundays?Going come Church 41Sleeping/Resting 30tv/sport 9family 8no occupational 5Name a famed Paul, genuine or fictionalPaul Revere 32Paul Bunyan 21Paul McCartney 21Paul Newman 11St.

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Paul 6Name a tip world give girlfriend on exactly how to gain rich.Invest 51Gamble/Lottery 29Save Money 16Work tough 3Name miscellaneous a babysitter does when the parental aren"t home.1 speak on Phone2 watch TV3 Sleep/Nap4 Clean Up5 has actually Friends OverName something civilization fall out of.1 Love 2 Bed 3 Chair 4 Hammock5 WindowName other you spend money on because that the senior Prom1 Tuxedo/Dress2 Limo/Car Rental3 Flowers4 Dinner5 PicturesName other an employee could sneak into a supply room come do.1 exhilaration 2 Steal gives 3 have actually Sex 4 Drink 5 Sleep surname something her boss can tell you that would come together a shock.1 You"re Fired 2 Promote/Raise 3 company Closed 4 ceo is happy 5 girlfriend do poor Work name something particular you revolve over. 1 Pancake 452 Mattress 223 Page/Paper 94 Egg 85 Money 2Before a pair gets married, surname something they need to agree about.1 Having kids 442 Money 363 where to Live 94 trust 3Name miscellaneous people shot and speak their way out of.Ticket 59Lie 17Stealing 8Homework 5Going to occupational 5Name one occupation where you would watch dead people.Mortician 70Coroner 18Doctor 2Paramedic 2(5) just how to come to be a millionaire in a day...Lottery Invest/Stocks Game present Inheritance Steal that (5) surname something youngsters threaten to do as soon as mad.Run away Tantrum Throw/Break Something organize Their Breath ache Someone surname the worst thing a policeman can find in your auto when he pulls you over.Drugs 59Open Alcohol 23Weapon 13Underwear 2Dead human body 2Name a glamorous room store.Macy"s 26Saks 5th Ave 25Bloomingdale"s 19Lord and Taylor 8Neiman Marcus 7Nordstrom 5Something details you operation out of when you"re sick.Medicine 55Tissue 30Soup 6 Juice 5Name the first thing you think of act on a rainy day.Sleep/Nap 39Read 25TV/Movie 21Make Love 3Go come Mall 3Housework 2Something you can find on your automobile windshield.Ticket 28Flyer/Ad 22Bird chaos 16Wipers 15Sticker/Decal 8Insects 4If you couldn"t live in the US, whereby would friend live?Canada 22England 12Ireland 10Spain 8Something that can be spoiled.Milk 43Child 22Meat/Chicken 10Fruit 9Australia 8