Drink(45 points)Ride His Horse(37 points)Sing/Play Guitar(14 points)Dance(3 points)

2. Various other than cowboy,name a profession you frequently see in cowboy movies.(4 answers)

Sheriff(41 points)Bartender(37 points)Rancher(13 points)Doctor(7 points)

3. Name an additional Word for A “Bar” the A Cowboy could Use(4 answers)

Saloon(51 points)Tavern(47 points)Watering Hole(13 points)Honky Tonk(5 points)

4. If You wanted To marry A Cowboy whereby Would You start Hanging Out?(4 answers)

Rodeo(31 points)Saloon(30 points)Farm(27 points)Texas(7 points)

5. Surname A kind Of Hat that You Don’t check out Many human being Wear In actual Life(5 answers)

Top Hat(45 points)Cowboy Hat(28 points)Fedora(6 points)Straw Hat(5 points)Beret(5 points)

6. Which write-up Of clothes Do You doubt Every Farmer Owns?(5 answers)

Overalls(53 points)Cowboy Hat(16 points)Blue Jeans(13 points)Boots(8 points)Suspenders(7 points)

7. Genuine Or Fictional, name A well known Cowboy(5 answers)

John Wayne(39 points)Roy Rogers(18 points)Billy The Kid(12 points)Lone Ranger(10 points)Woody(9 points)

8. Surname Something A Cowboy probably Leaves At home For A project Interview(5 answers)

10 Gallon Hat(39 points)Gun(25 points)Horse(24 points)Boots(7 points)Rope(3 points)

9. Surname Something friend Associate through The Dallas Cowboys.(5 answers)

Cheerleaders(60 points)Football(26 points)Troy Aikman(3 points)Champs(2 points)Blue Star(2 points)

10. Name Something You’d need If You want To dress Up like A Cowboy.(5 answers)

Cowboy Hat(62 points)Coyboy Boots(28 points)Toy Gun(4 points)Chaps(4 points)Spurs(2 points)

11. Instead Of A Horse, Which pet Is It difficult To Imagine A Cowboy Riding?(6 answers)

Cow(39 points)Dog(22 points)Pig(12 points)Donkey(10 points)Elephant(7 points)Camel(4 points)

12. Name Something Cowboys Are great At.(6 answers)

Riding Horses(54 points)Roping(21 points)Shooting(6 points)Hunting(6 points)Stealing Cattle(3 points)Rodeo(3 points)

13. Surname Something A Cowboy Wears that’s Made of Leather.(6 answers)

Chaps(42 points)Boots(27 points)Gloves(13 points)Belt(8 points)Vest(5 points)Jacket(3 points)

14. Surname Something You deserve to Buy in ~ A Western store You more than likely Can’t buy In A Regular clothes Store.(6 answers)

Cowboy Boots(41 points)Cowboy Hat(34 points)Chaps(7 points)Spurs(6 points)Rope(3 points)Saddle(3 points)

15. Surname Something You may Do If You were Trying come Woo A Cowboy.(6 answers)

Ride A Horse(33 points)Ride In Rodeo(24 points)Wear Boots(13 points)Lasso Him(12 points)Use Cowboy Slang(8 points)Wear Cowboy Hat(5 points)

16. What can A Cowboy have actually Hidden Under His Hat?(6 answers)

Gun(45 points)Money(20 points)Hair(19 points)Cigarettes(7 points)Whiskey(4 points)Bandana(3 points)


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Name Something You might See at A Cowboy’s yard Sale.(7 answers)

Boots(26 points)Saddles(25 points)Cowboy Hat(19 points)Rope(7 points)Horse(7 points)Spurs(5 points)Gun(3 points)

18. Name Something You could See In A country Western Music Video.(7 answers)

Cowboy Hat(24 points)Guitar(21 points)Cowboy Boots(14 points)Horses(12 points)Cowboys(11 points)Dancing(10 points)Truck(8 points)