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No one deserve to really number it the end I"m sorry however it"s simply a matter of happy I have actually been make the efforts to number it out also I think that is prefer you pick the first & third card one time & store picking the very same ones it can give it come you ns really don"t know this is mine guess

After you"ve to win the boss on the street and also take the on in the canyon yes sir to methods that affect chosing the card for your car. If friend beat them by passing castle you desire to select cards 1&3. If girlfriend beat them by having actually points at the end pick cards 2&4

Yep worked for me, number 2 to be an extra impound strike and number 4 to be the pink on slide to Angie’s car. (I was racing her)

I won by points and also I made decision 2 and 4 choose the post over said and also won 10,000 and also a gain out of jail cost-free card not the pink slip.

From what ns know and how lengthy I"ve play carbon on mine PS3 and PS2, the "Bonus Markers" boss cards are constantly pretty much randomized (every when in a while they might seem to have a placement trigger yet they really don"t). And since the game doesn"t provide you the possibility to conserve after the street gyeongju or after ~ the canyon fight before selecting the cards, your best bet is come save prior to the difficulty (make sure you will have actually a good chance that beating the ceo again) and also just keep rechallenging them and also picking arbitrarily cards till you get the ones that you want

After beating Kenji, the 3rd card is the one to acquire the car. Sorry since I don"t recognize more, I"m still playing the game.

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