The Wheel of Monotony, situated on the Tyrannian Plateau, is universally agreed to be one of the most tedious gamings TNT has ever produced. If friend have ever before spun this wheel, then you are most likely conscious of the hours it takes for it to protect against spinning and finally compensation you a prize. Yes, rather literally hours. Over there is no guarantee of precisely how long the wheel will spin—it varies every time (usually between about 2 hours and also 9 hours). The end result could be precious it, though, so step best up and shot your luck! Don"t forget to carry some comfy pillows in situation you want to take a nap during the wait!

You deserve to still browse and play games and chat top top Neopets while girlfriend wait because that the wheel to complete spinning, as lengthy as it is ~ above a various tab or window.

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Closeup of the door the tab or internet browser in i beg your pardon the wheel is rotate will stop you from being awarded a prize—you need to wait for it to complete spinning! girlfriend must likewise keep 150 Neopoints top top hand if the wheel is spinning or you will obtain a post saying that you don"t have enough Neopoints to play.

It offered to it is in that when the Quiggle to the side looks at his watch, you to be halfway come the end! However, the Wheel has actually been a bit glitchy and this may not always be the case.


Wheel that Monotony Prizes
SpaceAwarded Prize
1A visit to the volcano
2A consistent codestone(most most likely Bri or Main)
3A arbitrarily Tyrannian weapon
4Wheel of Monotony avatar
5Tyrannian Petpet paint Brush
6A ticket because that The Neopian Lottery
7Your energetic pet loses half their health
8Tyrannian paint Brush
9You win 5,000 NP!
10A Tyrannian food item (r99 and lower, most likely Evil Blancmange, honey Blossom, or Raptraphant Leg)
11A random Monotony items (see below)
12Nothing happens. (Previously, this would raise one old-style ability by one level.)
13A red codestone(Most most likely Mag or Sho)
14A visit to the Lair that theBeast, and potentially taking all however 1 HP from your energetic pet
15A Tyrannian Petpet (r99 and lower, most likely a Mazzew)
16You victory 20,000 NP!