2XS, a Shadowrun novel by Nigel Findley (first released by the Penguin team in February 1992) offered the phrase also (final line of chapter 21).

Not sure if it source there, though. Joel Hodgson used the phrase, "Never to trust a male with two an initial names, particularly if one of them"s a woman"s" in an illustration of mystery Science theatre 3000 lampooning The Legend that Dinosaurs (Kyôryuu: Kaichô no densetsu). It is used during the opening banter between Joel and also the "scientists". The illustration aired ~ above 28 might 1989, making the the earliest reference I have the right to find.


I did a variety of Google searches, restricting the time period and incrementally broadening it. The MST3K referral was the an initial that come up in a 2001 posting on some board, referencing the 1989 episode.

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