Famous CNN reporter Nia-Malika Henderson is a political reporter that awaits her love of her life to take she away until today's date. The sexy political journalist on today's date is rumored to be dating Glenn Beck yet so far she has neither i agree or do not agree the rumor top top a personal level.

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So, on today's topic, we space going to comment on all the personal life that the well known CNN reporter Nia-Malika Henderson and also know the details around her previous relationship and dating history. So, without further hold-up lets open up up the thing of our very own so-called solitary reporter Henderson.

Married and personal life

Nia-Malika Henderson is reported to be solitary until today's date. She in her many tabloid and on-air interviews has revealed that she is not willing come move into things favor relationship and wedding when she is busy v her career as a journalist.

It looks prefer the workaholic political reporter is in love with her an initial love that happens to it is in her job-related as a journalist. But, all of her fans are waiting to know if she is going come tie her knots some days and on that curious keep in mind we will like to introduce you to she paramour.

She is rumored to be dating her friend and a media personality glen Beck

The former Washington post journalist and recent CNN political journalist Nia in recent days were seen with a organization man named Glenn Beck. Beck and Glenn room rumored to be date for quiet a lengthy time now yet the rumor has actually not been accepted by any kind of one of them for this reason far.


The pair in current days accept that castle are good friends and are quite fond of each other yet the fact of the relationship still stays in shades. Till today's day they have actually not admitted open minded if they room in a relationship or are all over near to tying your knots together.

Who is glenn Beck?

Glenn is an American radio, tv personality and in current days that is affiliated with the garment business alongside gift a media personality.

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The businessman and political reporter space reported come be date each various other for quite a lengthy time now however we don't know how much of that is a truth so far.