Game Reviews - add yours. Well the easiest way is to compete in a lot of competitions.

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When you go on walks, sometimes you dog may pick up some items you don"t want. Sell them and soon you could have a lot of money! Yes, if you work hard enough and sell items often enough you can get lots of money. If you save up a lot of money and use it to buy dogs, then you should use them to get more money and continue the cycle. I did this and now I have a lot of money plus 4 awesome dogs!

My answer is too have about dogs. If you have more then you will keep wasting money on food and drink. Play each compotitons and train before. If you have lots of items you don"t really need sell them at Mr. Also a brill way of earning money is getting a robopup. They don"t cost money and if you work hard, you can earn laods like my dog Ray. Lol it"s easy before I had about pond and with only 1 dog!!!!

I went in all the comertitions now I have pounds!!!! Coool plus you can go on walks and find rare stuff! Sell "em "n" you have tons of money!!! Well you start off by getting a dog. I would get a dog again so you could train that then you could get a cat easyer I got a cat for my second pet but she didn"t do any thinf to get me monye so you shouled get two dogs then a cat. I hope this helps most people probley already know this thought. Another way is to time travel. You may think that just because nintendo put a block on it doesn"t mean you can"t find a loop-hole.

Please follow these directions: Close Software and go to settings 3: Change time to Go back to game and save 5: Close software again and wait until clock says 0: Go back to game again By following these steps you should be able to do more compitions in that day. You can have puppies what you need to do is First ouviusly you need to dogs they have to be the same breed but not same color it would be easier if you had lots of trainer points the female has to have the easy to love personality and male the full of love.

You have to feed them dry food and milk the milk is the stuff next to the water in the shop no walks for the female the male can have short walks the only thing to do to the female is brush and stroke her.

The easiest way is train a dog right up to full standards and go do competitions and go for lots of walks have at least three dogs train them up win competitions and just sell stuff you don"t need or what you don"t want or use much.

But don"t do what I did and sell the ultimate champions collar just for a different room because you will never get that back so just try and be patient and save up. If you have one dog that is at the top of every comp you can make A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!

Iv had this dog called Amelea for around a month and iv already made over 20k off her! To get money you could use the pedometer and get the treats and sell them to mr. R I got thousends also if you"re luck you can get a piggy bank wen you go on a walk you can get around pounds. There is no way except to sell stuff you find on walks or the pedometer, competitions, or time travel.

If you do time travel, you can do multiple competitions in one day. Directions for Time Travel: Close Software and go to settings 3. Go back to game and save 5.

Go back to game again. WAIT UNTIL YOUR DOG CAN GET 1ST PRIZE IN ALL COMPS DO BEGINNER FOR A FEW WEEKS THEN MOVE UP TRY TIME TRAVEL FOR THIS SO YOU CAN GET TOP PRIZE IN ALL HOPE THIS HELPS XD. Bring the Pup home and teach him his name and all the other necessary stuff that you need to do. After all that"s over get your two puppies together alone in the house so that they can build up their relationship with each other.

Let this happen for a while only ever taking out the male out for short walks and feeding both male and female puppies dry food and milk. Make sure they both play with NO TOYS! If you let them do that more likely that they will fight and you"ll have to start all over again.

If you have successfully breaded then you will find a new pup in your household.

Use this pup to earn even more money because puppies can enter competitions just like your female and male pups are able to. In the end you will have a new puppy for free and cash that is burning a hole in a fancy diamond pocket of yours!

is there an easy way to get money? - Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever & New Friends Questions for Nintendo DS

I hope I helped! Ok what I would suggest is to first train your dog in obedience,disc, and lure. Next do all competitions You will need the AR cards for this.

As for breeding, no it won"t work. If you dogs is in the master or ninten cup for lure and disk and it does not win get a rainbow lure for lure and use that your dog will stick to it like glue and as for disk get a pro disk you can get the lure at the secound hand shop and disk at supplies also make sure your dog is at top condition hopes this helps.

HOW TO GET 1ST PLACE IN EVERY CONTEST Get your dog in tip top condition by washing feeding watering etc.

Try to get a dog with a "boisterous" or sharp mind" personality description. Any breed or gender dog can have either of these traits. Go to the shop and buy 10 bottles of water, 10 bottles of dry food and 10 bottles of normal shampoo not the premium, expensive one. These are the basic neccessities. I forgot if you get money at the beginning of the game But the next step would be to go for a walk!

So do that, and take the longest routes possible. Your dog might be dirty, or not as clean as it was. If you don"t want to waste shampoo, buy the appropriate brush for your dog"s coat and brush it until it sparkles, then clean it, and begin brushing again. After it has sparkled a few times, check your dog"s hygiene level to make sure. Next, so long as your dog isn"t famished or parched, enter any of the competitions.

You can practice at the gym in town go for a walk and or a park. At home you can teach your dog tricks. Once your dog is in optimal condition, save your game and enter a competition. If you don"t come first, reload and try again! A very quick way to make money is to use the pedometer.


When you walk around steps with the 3DS screen closed, a gift appears when you open it. The gift is related to the number of steps you take.

For the level of steps listed above you receive Biscuits. This is the only item that I have found that you get the same amount of money back as what you could have paid in the Barc Store. If you are feeling lazy and don"t want to walk around with your DS, just gently shake the DS back and fourth in you hand. Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Answers that are too short or not descriptive are usually rejected. Please do not use this box to ask a ask , it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY.

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