Nissan recalls 354,000 SUVs, many recalled 5 years ago, because of brake light switch problems.

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January 28, 2021 — A recall has actually been issued since Nissan Pathfinder brake lights stay on once they have to be off.

More 보다 354,000 version year 2013-2015 Nissan Pathfinders room recalled global to prevent the brake lights from continuing to be on, with an ext than 267,000 SUVs recalled in the U.S. And about 30,000 Pathfinders recalled in Canada.

The Pathfinder brake lights continue to be on due to the location of the brake light switch i beg your pardon may reason the switch relay come constantly open and close.

The brake irradiate switch relay can at some point get grounding in the on position and cause the Pathfinder brake lamp to continue to be on without a driver emotional the brake pedal.

Nissan approve a recall in 2016 after reports of Pathfinder brake lamp that remained illuminated, and also all those recalled SUVs are consisted of in this recent brake irradiate switch recall. That has Pathfinders that were recalled in 2016 however never repaired.

Specifically, the automaker says:

"Due to the location of the stop lamp switch on the brake pedal, a chattering problem may happen in the stop lamp relay. Under particular driving conditions, together as regular stop-and-go driving with repeated brake pedal input, the chattering can degrade the relay contact organization life. Over time, this may result in the avoid lamp relay sticking in the ~ above position."

An impacted Pathfinder can suffer from problems other 보다 brake lights that stay on, including minimal engine power as result of the brake override feature. A driver could also transition the Pathfinder the end of PARK there is no pushing the brake pedal, and also the engine deserve to be started without emotional the brake pedal.

Fortunately, the defective brake irradiate switches room allegedly only discovered in 2013-2015 Nissan Pathfinders, not any other Nissan or Infiniti models.

The Nissan Pathfinder brake light switch recall begins March 1, 2021.

Nissan dealerships will inspect the vehicles to recognize if the brake light relays were deleted under previous technical service bulletins NTB15-112, NTB15-112b or NTB16-039a. The dealer won't take additional activity if the relay has been deleted.

But if the relay hasn't to be deleted, technicians will check the brake irradiate switch and also perform miscellaneous actions.

Model year 2013 Pathfinders created prior come November 9, 2012: The brake irradiate switch will be reinstalled if the positioning is incorrect, and also a new brake irradiate relay will certainly be installed.

Model year 2013-2015 SUVs produced after November 9, 2012: The brake irradiate switch will certainly be swapped v the automatic speed control maker switch ar on the brake pedal. In addition, a technician will certainly install a brand-new brake irradiate switch relay.

Nissan Pathfinder owner may contact 800-867-7669 and use brake light switch recall number PC786.

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