Bishop Noel Jones is one American Pentecostal bishop, minister, and an elderly pastor that the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California.

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The church has a choir recognized as the City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir.


He was born on January 31, 1950, in Spanish Town, Jamaica, come Marjorie Jones and also Bishop Robert.

His sisters is version Grace Jones, that has functioned with photographers such together Hans Feurer, male Bourdin, Helmut Newton, and Jean-Paul Goude.

He went to St. Jago High school in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

In 1965, Jones relocated from Jamaica come Syracuse, brand-new York, with his parents and also his 6 siblings.

After high school, Bishop Jones to visit Aenon holy bible College in Columbus, OH, and received a Bachelor that Science.

Later, he has actually received an honorary doctoral level from the global Circle of belief College.

At the period of twenty-six, Bishop Jones accepted his first pastorate in ~ Bethel holy place of Longview in Longview, Texas.

In June 1994, he thrived Bishop Robert W. McMurray as minister to around 1,000 members of the greater Bethany neighborhood Church.

Also in 1994, he started Noel Jones Ministries, a platform that spreads the gospel that Jesus Christ through video and audio messages.


Getty ImagesIn 2002, Noel was featured in the documentary Hoover Street Revival. The documentary depicts the higher Bethany neighborhood Church in LA, where Bishop Jones presides.

He was one of the preachers in Preachers the L.A., a TV reality display that premiered on October 9, 2013. The reality present is around the resides of several spiritual figures, including – Bishop Clarence McClendon, minister Wayne Chaney, Bishop Ron Gibson, minister Jay Haizlip, and also Pastor Deitrick Haddon.

Other famous pastors are Carl Lentz, Francis Chan, and Tony Evans.

Bishop Noel Jones – network Worth

Bishop Jones earned most of his wide range from gift the senior pastor the the City of Refuge Church.

In addition, he shows up on the Trinity broadcast Network and is a columnist for Gospel this particular day magazine. The bishop also founded Noel Jones Ministries.

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Moreover, Noel made money from marketing his books. Currently, Bishop Jones published the following publications – God’s Gonna make You Laugh, The battle for the Mind, The small Catholic Choirbook, playing the Church Organ, and Vow of Prosperity. Therefore, Bishop Noel Jones has actually an approximated net worth of $5.5 million.