North Kern State Prison

North Kern State jail is situated in Delano California. The facility acts together both a reception center, and also a medium to minimum custody facility, and a transport hub for once inmates room transported end a long distance through California. The reception center part of this basic is responsible for diagnosing and also classifying plenty of inmates from everywhere the state. Early stage processing and classification that inmates deserve to take as much as 90 days due to the fact that the basic will occupational up a considerable background ~ above the offender and also evaluate the mental and physical health of the inmate. When finished through reception and classification the inmate might be relocated to a new much more permanent facility that far better suites their rehabilitation needs.

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North Kern State Prison supplies inmates a variety of education, native earning a GED and an easy adult education and learning to learning brand-new vocational skills. The aims of educating the inmates is to administer them through a far better chance that success when they room released and to reduce the recidivism rate (rate in ~ which the inmate re-offends). Some of the vocational programs inmates may participate in space gardening/landscaping, carpentry, auto mechanics and auto body repair. Inmates in ~ this college can additionally earn a 2 year college degree.

Visiting hours at phibìc Kern State Prison:

You must have an approved travellers application prior to coming to visiting your inmate. Inmates may have actually visits on Saturdays and Sundays indigenous 8:30am-2pm, if you cannot check in come visiting before 2pm you will certainly not be permitted to visit. Tourists are additionally permitted on four holidays (New Year\"s day, July 4th, Thanksgiving and also Christmas day). You are now able to schedule a visiting appointment virtual here.

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Physical Address:

North Kern State Prison2737 West Cecil AvenueDelano, CA 93215


(661) 721-2345

Inmate mail Address:

Inmate Name, id NumberA YardPO box 5000Delano, CA 93215-5000

Inmate Name, identifier NumberB YardPO box 4999Delano, CA 93216-4999

Inmate Name, id NumberC YardPO box 5004Delano, CA 93216-5004

Inmate Name, identifier NumberD YardPO box 5005Delano, CA 93215-5005

Inmate Name, i would NumberE YardPO crate 5000Delano, CA 93215-5000

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