Ans: The poem, “OCaptain! mine Captain” is in storage of Abraham Lincoln, the 16thpresident of America. The expresses the poet’s deep sense of sorrow in ~ theunexpected death of the good leader that the U.S.A. As a bold leader the broughthis ship safely with the stormy voyage to the harbour. Thousands of peopleare waiting on the shore v ribboned wreaths to welcome your leader. Yet thecaptain is lying dead and also cold ~ above the deck that the ship in a pool of blood. Thepoet cannot think that his captain is no more. Others may rejoice at thevictory, yet the poet will certainly mourn for the dead leader.

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2.“The delivery isanchored safe and also sound “–What is meantby ship? just how is the ship anchored ‘safe and sound’?
favor a true captain Abraham Lincoln,the 16th president of America has beat the confederates of theSouthern states of America. That thereby has actually preserved the national integrity ofthe U.S.A. Making that secure native external and internal dangers.
3.‘O Captain!My Captain our fearful trip is done’ –Who is addressed together captain? Why is the addressed as captain? lug outthe definition of ‘fearful trip’?
the is so called because AbrahamLincoln guided the U.S.A. V Civil battle to safety as a captain guides hisship v a stormy trip to the harbour.
In simple sense ‘fearful trip‘means adreadful journey or excursion. Yet in this city it describes the trip of theU.S.A. V the turmoil of polite war.
This armbeneath your head”- who is thecaptain? Why go the poet call him dear father? Why does the poet location hisarm in ~ the captain’s head?
The poet love his captain sodearly the he dubbed him captain. As well as as a president of the country,Lincoln was the father of nation. He can protect the truth of thecountry.
The poetfinds the his to ~ captain is lie dead. That does not favor to believe that thecaptain is no more. He thinks that the captain is resting only. He hopes thathis captain will certainly rise as soon as again. Therefore he places his eight under his head come helphim climb easily.


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