When we supplied the lantern the very first time the mantles shed up and also we had actually to buy an additional set. Terrible. The globe broke the 2nd trip and also we made decision to purchase a Coleman. Us couldn’t purchase a replacement globe at Walmart.

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Welcome to tasiilaq.net, Christina. Bummer about the lantern. Room you considering other options? https://www.tasiilaq.net/gear/gas-lanterns/

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Tom Lovett+2September 17, 2017

GoregeRat+16June 27, 2011

I recently used this lantern for a backcountry camping trip. I favored it. I have actually not tried various other brands however to to compare it too. It offered off a enough glow for cooking and also general purposes roughly camp. No super glowing though.

The manage knob functioned smoothly. The mantle that came v it to be cheap. I offered Coleman #51 mantles for replacements. They operated well and also were durable enought to last more than once. Ns bought this lantern at Walmart.

If you think about buying one, open up the box before buying. The world was broken in one box ns looked in before purchasing.

Overerall, it to be worth the space in mine pack.


Archie AdkinsJune 27, 2010

I"m an avid night fisherman and have used several Ozark lanterns in the past. Fortunately ns still own three. This year ns purchased a brand-new one native Wal-Mart. It wont burn bright enough to fit me. Mine older persons are way brighter. I don"t know if they readjusted the design or what yet do no recommend buying them anymore.

Mike WatsonApril 19, 2010

Great lantern for price payment at Walmart. Puts the end an remarkable amount the light. Only drawback is the globes seem come crack easily when cold and lantern fired up.

For those looking for replacement globes ... No Ozark follow globes accessible that I can find, yet can use Coleman R214D046C. Coleman globe has precise same dimensions together OT (4.25" diameter / 4.50" high) and also seems to it is in slightly an ext substantial than initial Ozark trail globe.

Own four Ozark trail lanterns (5 years old) and all globes have compelled replacement while also own a Coleman 288 lantern (+/- twenty years old) which uses same globe and still on the original.

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We were the end for three weeks v mix the backpacking and some automobile camping. No a the majority of room in the vehicle so an are was in ~ a premium. This small propane lantern worked especially well, easy light and as bright as my old gas Coleman through two mantles.

The just drawback was i went thru the 2 mantles the it came with it too quickly. Ns tried rather with small success. This is no a mantle you"ll likely find at campstores, most outdoor stores, or even at a Walmart where I purchase it. The just mantle I found that fits is a Coleman mantle; #51 Slip-0n "Rosette", part#51A104. You"ll discover at:coleman period com/coleman/parts.

I"d provide you link however some persons don"t like that idea :o| it looks like there is Coleman world that will fit too, yet until I broke my original, you"re on your own for the component number.