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Peyton Manning and Kenny Chesney have actually been friends because that a lengthy time — long prior to either of castle were household names. The previous pro-football player and also the country music superstar met when Manning to be still play for the university of Tennessee, and Chesney to be a climbing star, who was just beginning to do his note in music. Amazingly, throughout their liven careers, and also massive fame and notoriety, the 2 have continued to remain friends v it all.

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“It’s to be a an excellent friendship,” Manning revealed on to apologize Music Country’s Bootleggers Radio through Luke Combs. “ began a lengthy time ago, Luke, I desire to speak 1996. Met Kenny ~ above the sidelines of a Tennessee-Alabama game. Kenny was a diehard Tennessee fan farming up, going increase in the east Tennessee Knoxville area, play the national Anthem, sang ‘Me and also You’ i think at halftime and also hung the end on the sidelines for the game. And he was right into it. He wasn’t simply thinking it to be cool to it is in on the sidelines. That was right into the game and you feel that.”

After the game, the two continued to be in touch, which happened to coincide with as soon as Chesney’s career began taking off.

“I witnessed him play a pair of reflects at a same in Knoxville, increase in Bristol,” Manning recalls. “A the majority of his songs were coming out at the time. And you feel that connection going to institution in Knoxville and following a male that to be from the area. You felt also a closer bond with that performer. And also Kenny ended up to sing at the church at my wedding. That performed ‘Me and also You’ for my wife and also I for our first song in ~ our wedding reception. simply been an excellent friends because then. Watched him in concert a bunch.”

Back once fans could still to visit concerts, Manning additionally joined Chesney on phase for number of of his shows, although that admits the he is much more talented in sports than singing.

“I’ve been on phase with the too plenty of times,” Manning says. “I apples to every the pan that had to hear me sing ‘Back whereby I Come From,’ as opposed to letting Kenny song it. However Kenny favored bringing me the end there, and also believe it or not, back in the pre-social media era, that actually put a etc on me and also put me in v the band. He placed me in G. I don’t recognize what G yes, really is, yet I acquire in G and also just continue to be at it. And also played the whole show. What a an excellent way to watch a concert. The sight seeing, the energy, it to be awesome.”

Chesney is as much a fan of Manning as Manning is that Chesney, and maybe more.

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“Peyton loves nation music,” Chesney once shared (via Country Countdown USA). “I’ll never ever forget it. There were a pair of years, prior to social media, the Peyton would go ~ above the road with us for a weekend, to play golf with the guys, and also Peyton would placed a guitar on. I remember a couple nights as soon as Peyton walked on v the band and also pretended come play. We wouldn’t plug his guitar in.

“People wouldn’t an alert it until I began to introduce the band,” the continued. “I’d say, ‘By the way, a new member of the band over here, from new Orleans, Peyton Manning.’ and you could see the shock top top people’s faces that it really was Peyton Manning. And it was all fake. Peyton just knew G-position on the guitar and he continued to be there all night long.”