Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning‘s life has been under a microscope virtually his whole life. We understand the two-time Super bowl champion and also five-time MVP is a first-ballot hall of Famer after his terrific NFL career through the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. We understand that Peyton has quite the comedic side judging native the hilarious commercials and classic Saturday Night Live skits.

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Of course, he comes from the nationwide Football League’s an initial family. Olivia and also Archie Manning created quite the trio of football talent in Peyton, longtime new York Giants’ QB Eli Manning and also Cooper Manning, whose child Arch Manning is cram touchdowns in high school. We also know Peyton’s net worth, which shows he won’t it is in hurting because that money any kind of time soon.

How about Peyton Manning’s wife, though? Peyton and Ashley Manning have two children together, however how did they meet, what does she do and also just exactly who is she?

Who is Peyton Manning’s wife Ashley Manning?

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Born Ashley Thompson to parents Bill and also Marsha Thompson in Memphis, Tennessee, Ashley Manning actually very first met her future husband in Tennessee.

According to Bleacher Report, the two met once her next-door neighbor introduced them the summer prior to he enrolled in ~ the college of Tennessee in 1994. Ashley headed eastern to to visit the college of Virginia, yet the pair remained together and also got married in 2001.

Despite receiving a ring indigenous the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Ashley has kept a relatively low profile and also stayed the end of the spotlight unlike the wives of other great NFL quarterbacks like Tampa only Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and also Gisele Bundchen.

She has, however, make exceptions. In 2007, she and the NFL player attended a dinner at the White house that honored Queen Elizabeth II and also Prince Philip. When Peyton hosted the 2017 ESPYs, she accompanied him on the red carpet. She likewise was wrapped increase in headlines in 2015 once she reportedly had actually HGH transport to her.

How Many children Do they Have?

Peyton Manning horsing around with his twins after practice. Pic.twitter.com/3JMLNsiB0B


The twins reportedly take increase a an excellent deal the the couple’s time. Peyton reportedly had an market to come the end of retirement and play for the Miami dolphin in 2017 but didn’t take it it because he would miss out on his carpool duties.

He’s additionally received provides to end up being an NFL broadcaster but seems intent on gift a father. In 2018, he and his son were spotted at a Denver Nuggets basketball game. Now, Peyton has actually said he’s traded in his helmet because that a life on the sidelines as his kids’ flag football coach.

She speak Him out of Retiring too Early

Here's a look at #SB50 champion Peyton Manning and his wife, Ashley, through the years: https://t.co/MGtLjnU1mA pic.twitter.com/QcXlrcU7BU


The American soccer player assumed he had tiny left in the tank after ~ a neck injury and surgery sidelined him because that the whole 2011 season. As soon as he considered retiring after just 13 seasons with the Colts, Ashley talked him out of it. The Denver Broncos signed that in 2012.

?Yeah, Ashley and also I actually had actually those conversations,? Peyton told sporting activities Illustrated’s Peter King, via Bleacher Report. ?More 보다 one. Because, you know, you don?t desire to embarrass yourself. Because, they?re signing you and people are thinking they?re gaining the player castle had always seen before. And so, Ashley was the one the was saying, ?Peyton, you?ve obtained to try. You?ve gained to try.??

He tried every right.

Peyton won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year that season in Colorado and was 2nd in MVP voting. Three years later, he perfect his job on the highest possible of notes. The Broncos beat the new England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game and the Carolina Panthers in Super bowl 50. The Broncos quarterback then organized a retirement push conference the his family joined that at, pack a mainly college football and also professional football career.

Whether Peyton will sign up with a transfer booth (ESPN, anyone?) in his post-playing days continues to be to be seen.

She’s a Businesswoman and also Minority NBA Owner

Ashley Manning: Peyton Manning’s wife Actually talked Him out Of Retirement four Years earlier #fashion #shop #boutique… pic.twitter.com/sNrAbHTO5U


Back in 2010, Bleacher Report report Ashley to be a successful genuine estate developer and owned her own company. Despite it’s unknown if she quiet operates her actual estate development company, she has spent plenty of hours law charity work.

Ashley and also Peyton established the PeyBack Foundation, i beg your pardon she spends lot of her time make successful. The foundation’s score is to assist disadvantaged and also at-risk youth in Tennessee, Louisiana and also Indiana. The St. Vincent Hospital in 2007 renamed its children’s hospital to honor Peyton.

She has likewise done charity work and raised money for breast cancer. Every the Indy Star, her mother had breast cancer and also underwent a double mastectomy.

During the thick of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, she and Peyton provided 600 meals come frontline and healthcare employees fighting COVID-19 at a hospital in Hermitage, Tenn.

?As medical care workers ~ above the prior lines, you are all demonstrating an excellent courage and also commitment and making great personal sacrifices to care for the sick during this nationwide crisis,” she called Knox News.

In 2012, Ashley also joined a team to come to be a decimal owner the the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies.

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“I am very excited to make the commitment to sign up with the potential new ownership team of the Memphis Grizzlies,” she told the Denver Post. “As a native of Memphis, it was crucial to me the the Grizzlies continue to be in Tennessee and also continue to have a positive affect on the community.”

Ashley Manning is not only a businesswoman but a busy mom. Girlfriend won’t discover her on Instagram or society media, yet that’s probably just how she desires it.