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I saw this video on youtube: people tell me that its a genuine screencap from illustration 357, is this true?

i think it"s true the scene was only on the japanese however they reduced that step off once they present English, but i think they kiss no really to sure never ever seen that episode.

.____.;;That needs to be the many ridiculous scene ns have ever seen... >> If they in reality kissed, the video would have displayed it. ;x
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tI dunno if Ash kissed May yet umm... I can"t imagine. However I"ve never ever been a huge fan the the collection so ns don"t know about their relationship.
That is something very debateable that, in the end, has actually no appropriate or dorn answer. Bianca"s grandpa yelled for her while informing Ash and co. She -might- be unable to do to the market. Then we view the inside of Bianca"s room. On she easel we view her hat. So far we"ve been able to tell Bianca/Latias apart because of that hat but even if Bianca was gone to the market she quiet didn"t have actually her in the end that could have to be Latias or Bianca. We"ll never know. I highly doubt May and Ash have ever kissed. XD It"s just...not other the authors would perform with two of the main characters.
I think that it was Latias the kissed Ash at the end of heroes,my reasoning is the means that she acted: she never spoke, then ran off after she gave him the picture. Plus Latias really connected with Ash much more than Bianca and also so built an ext of a partnership with for Ash and also May kissing, I would hope they did, that"d it is in awesome, lock look so great together
i don"t think Ash and May ever did (and ever before will) kiss. Even if lock did-it"d more than likely been cut out (censored).It"s similar to the talk of Ash and also Misty kissing years ago... More than likely never happened (and never ever will) in the first place!Soon these kind of rumors will pop up again-about Dawn (if they haven"t already)!
That needs to be the many ridiculous scene ns have ever seen... >> If they actually kissed, the video clip would have displayed it. ;x
Knowing the show, Team Rocket would most likely interrupt itVideo i beg your pardon is in reality a fake snapshot is fake.
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I observed this video on youtube: people tell me that its a real screencap from episode 357, is this true?
No that isn"t, that"s a fake, something about how many civilization have request this, etc, etc, etc.No. Those civilization lied.
No, it"s real. It was cut from the English dub, though. I"m trying come look for the vid where it in reality happens, yet it"s i do not have anything x_x;;
No, it"s real. The was cut from the English dub, though. I"m trying to look because that the vid whereby it in reality happens, however it"s nowhere x_x;;
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No, it"s real. The was reduced from the English dub, though. I"m trying come look because that the vid where it actually happens, yet it"s nowhere x_x;;
It would be really amazing to actually see it in the episode. Ns still think the is made with some programm prefer photoshop. A really great manipulation though. I think I"ve review a discussion around that pic elsewhere. Someone mentioned that the totality pose might not work because Ash"s cap is in the way. Castle possibly could make together a mistake in the TV show but I doubt it. I more than likely will gain flamed by some Advancedshippers because that saying this but in my oppinion there were no strong hints of Ash and also May liking each other in a method that does not only include friendship. A kiss would certainly be yes, really off-beat. And also if they really kissed, this would have probably adjusted the method they interact in the adhering to episodes. However nothing prefer that happened.
episode 357 is "Take This residence & Shuppet!" the doesn"t sound like a time for a kiss.This seems fake, that was most likely made through and advancement shipper, favor I remember that a couple of years earlier some pokeshippers make a picture like that wherein Ash was kissing Misty however it was fake.
Episode 357 is "Take This house & Shuppet!" that doesn"t sound like a time because that a kiss.This seems fake, the was more than likely made by and breakthrough shipper, choose I remember that a few years back some pokeshippers made a photo like that where Ash was kissing Misty yet it was fake.
It starts raining and also they stumble ~ above what shows up to it is in an abandoned mansion. Max and May are fighting so Max runs off and befriends a Shuppet. Most of the illustration is showing Max. Ash, Brock and May are looking for Max however he"s hiding and plays tip on them. TR is there...they try to stealing Shuppet, fail and also then go bye bye. The owner that the mansion mirrors up and freaks out yet then realises Ash and also co typical no harm and she is re-united v her childhood friend, Shuppet.

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That picture is no a clippit from any type of version the the episode. The human being who posted it to be either misinformed, or a dirty lier. Ash and also May never kissed, at least I dont think they did... It would be very NICE if somebody confirmed me wrong though. But I have actually heard there room clippits of Ash and also May hugging that were edited the end from assorted episodes when they where translated to english. The just one I can remember many right now is from the advancement episode when Brock claims
"Fighting is a sign of love." come Max and then Ash and May rotate red. I think that castle hugged in the original throughout a rocket attack.
Seems contempt unlikely though.... Anyway, that snapshot is fake unfortunately... They might have man it a bit, I mean I animated it using MS paint!
to be ethical I expect they didn"t. Ns am one Ash/May fan yet I don"t think it would certainly have operated in future illustration
I would Kill May, Misty didnt occasion get the chance so why should may be the first to kiss Ash the he.

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