Egg Groups¶

So, then, you have two Pokémon you want to breed. As thorough earlier, I stated there to be exceptions to the rules around gender. Firstly, we have to take into consideration Ditto . Ditto is practically a wild map in Pokémon breeding, so much so that he gets his very own Egg team (more on the in a bit).

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Basically, he is allowed to breed with pretty much every Pokémon other than legendary Pokémon - and, even then, the latter has an exemption in which breeding Ditto and also Manaphy returns Phione. If it’s that the “No Eggs” group, then Ditto still can not breed v it.


Now that we’re gaining onto species, it’s time to talk about Egg Groups . Egg Groups help to determine what Pokémon can breed with each other for desired species: without suitable knowledge of this, you can quickly end up with crap Pokémon.

We left this undetailed previously due to the fact that an noticeable rule of thumb is that 2 Pokémon of the same varieties yields the same Pokémon or a pre-evolutionary type of it. That much is true. However, learning Egg teams widens the ar a little: it’s almost impossible to uncover some Pokémon, after ~ all.

The general principle with breeding is the if the 2 parents room of the same Egg Group and also opposite genders, the boy will be the lowest evolution of the woman parent. For example: a male Chesnaught and a female Delphox have to yield a Fennekin.

Again, there space exceptions to even that. This mostly comes through from types that only have Pokémon that a solitary gender. A an essential example room the male and also female Nidoran Pokémon - they’re the the same Egg Group, sure, however you’d only gain Nidoran mrs under the above conditions, no issue how many Eggs.

The exemption is that, if 2 gender-exclusive species are bred, then there is a 50% opportunity of the result Pokémon gift either species.

Mechanics that the Egg¶

Let’s very first discuss acquiring the Egg. As soon as you speak come the Daycare Man before an Egg has appeared, he have the right to say a number of things. Relying on what he states - which itself is elevation to particular conditions - there is a details chance of detect an Egg.

Generally, utilizing traded Pokémon or those of the same varieties is best. Eggs deserve to potentially be found with every 256 steps in the field. So, what does he have to say?

(Keep in mind “ID” describes both the viewed ID on her Trainer Card and also the hidden secret ID the you never understand of. Basically, there are 100,000 worths for each, and also 10,000,000,000 complete permutations, therefore you have the right to basically take into consideration it as “traded”.)


What walk this mean? Basically, over there is not much variance in the quantity of measures it take away to flower an Egg. At most, the variance is (B + 256) - that method the difference when “N=0, Y=255” and “N=1, Y=256” will equal the variety of base steps, add to 256.

The highest base action value is 120, so basically 400 procedures is the general variance. Many of the time, you’ll see a formula that “(B + 1) × 255”, the most typical formula we’ve come across. Again, it’s just walking, so it’s not prefer it matters, really.

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Also keep in mind that part abilities have the right to reduce the number of steps taken. If a Pokémon in the party has actually either the Magma Armor or Flame body abilities, the procedures needed are halved.