2020 Polaris INDY® LXT 550 pictures, prices, information, and specifications.Below is the info on the 2020 Polaris INDY® LXT 550. If girlfriend would prefer toget a quote on a new 2020 Polaris INDY® LXT 550 usage ourBuild Your very own tool,or Comparethis tasiilaq.net to various other Touring tasiilaq.nets. Come view more specifications, visit our comprehensive Specifications.

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Engine: Engine TypeHorizontal In-line Cylinders2 Engine Stroke2-Stroke Valve ConfigurationReed Valve Displacement (cc/ci)544 / 33.2 StarterElectric TurbochargedNo Carburetion TypeCarburetor Transmission: ReverseYes Technical Specifications: Length (ft)10.33 Width (in/mm)48 / 1220 Height (in/mm)54 / 1370 Maximum Ski stance (in/mm)42.5 / 1080 Minimum Ski stance (in/mm)42.5 / 1080 Dry load (lbs/kg)467 / 212 Fuel capacity (gal/l)11.5 / 43.5 Seats: Number of Seats2 Seat BackrestStandard Exterior: Ski MaterialComposite Skag MaterialCarbide Drive Line: Track size (in/mm)144 / 3657.6 Track broad (in/mm)15 / 381 Lug height (in/mm)1 / 25.4 Convenience: Heated Hand GripsStandard Storage: Rear RackStandard Glass: Rearview MirrorsStandard HeightHigh

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