Uh oh. Looks like you’re here since your pool pump won’t rotate on. That’s a major bummer, but let’s take a moment to bring to mind all the fun and relaxing time you’ve had, floating or splashing in her pool. You’ll require those memories because that this next part, due to the fact that nothing goes together planned all the time—and your pool pump is no exception. And although you could be perplexed regarding why it suddenly won’t rotate on, the surprisingly easy to diagnose the issue and get the resolve your pump needs. Possibilities are, the trouble is either electric or because of clogged debris—and I’ll display you exactly how come tell which.

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Yes, You need a functioning Pool Pump. Here’s Why

Frustration is the quickest route to losing perspective, however don’t protect against using a pump. This is ascendancy number among pool maintenance: your pool pump is essential. It attributes as the pure hub of her pool’s circulation mechanism by filtering out dirty corpuscle from your swimming pool water and also evenly distributing clean chemicals. No pump means no circulation, i beg your pardon in turn way no cleaning—which means that you’ll be swimming in a cesspool of algae and also worse. Pathogenic bacteria, anyone? no for me, thanks.


It’s Electric! (Probably.)

When your pool pump won’t turn on, the an initial place to look is because that all problems electric: your breaker, her wiring, and also the capacitor. It sound complicated, ns know—but it’s not.

And by the way, if your pump is automatic, walk ahead and check that timer to make sure it’s on in the an initial place. Just while you’re at it. You know, extending all mine bases here.

Want to enhance your pump’s circulation rate if you’re at it? try a booster pump choose the dual-voltage global Booster Pump to increase performance. According to customer Jerad Wilson, “Great pump, fast delivery, and good pricing. Would buy from here again.”

Missed Connections: It could Be your Breaker and Wiring.

If your pump no coming on at all, it might not it is in the pump’s fault. First, examine your power source. Countless outdoor outlets have actually their very own power breakers—and it’s feasible yours requirements to it is in tripped. If it is the concern then you’re an excellent to walk for now, but if it happens again you could need to check your pump’s voltage and make certain it matches the volume of her outlet

You’ll additionally want to examine the exterior wiring between your pump and its outlet. Simply make sure your wires aren’t frayed, and also cut up, or were part backyard critter’s recent dinner. If everything looks good, keep reading.


Next, check the Capacitor.

Meet the capacitor. Air conditioning units have actually them, clothing dryers have them, even your vehicle audio device needs one come really gain amping. Capacitors begin your pump by giving it the jolt of electricity it requirements to strength on.

If your pump doesn’t rotate on and also instead renders a humming sound, it could be a problem with your capacitor or a jammed motor. Yet if it makes a humming sound that proceeds until your circuit breaker trips, you have the right to be fairly certain it’s a fault capacitor.

While you deserve to technically replace the capacitor yourself, I have to admit—it’s a small tricky. Just do it if you have some experience and be careful: it deserve to still store power, even if it’s no working. Have actually an old pump? It’s much better to change the entire one—or just acquire a new one. Federal law is about to do variable-speed pumps practically mandatory, so now is the perfect time to take it the money-saving leap.

Since variable-speed pumps only save an ext with time, the sooner the better. Get the 1.5 HP Variable rate Blue Torrent Thunder In-Ground Swimming pool Pump—it payment itself off in under a year, is eligible for rebates, and likewise comes v a lifetime warranty.

Hmm… Think her Motor can Be Jammed.

If your pump won’t start and you hear a humming noise that doesn’t expedition your circuit, you probably have actually a jam on her hands. The only way to examine this is to open up her pump, which is a little bit of work. Yet even if girlfriend don’t find a jam, your initiatives pay off: it gives you a chance to inspect for the other feasible cause: poor bearings.


Open your Pump and also Clear the Jam.

Check her motor shaft, the large horizontal pipe inside of her pump i m sorry rotates v the assist of the impeller. Double-checking that your pump is unplugged and also off, open up it up and give the motor pillar a spin. If it i will not ~ rotate, debris has actually probably built up, blocked the impeller, and rendered the pump temporarily useless because that anything however saying “hmm.”

You’ll need to dislodge the impeller to acquire at the muck, therefore (again, with power off) remove the screws in the middle of the pump body, pull the engine assumbly out, and remove the gasket (that’s the O-shaped rubber seal) far from the impeller. Get rid of all the debris, reinstall the parts, and allow yourself a minute of celebration because that a task well done.

Oops, not Jammed? inspect Your Bearings.

Still no luck? If your impeller had actually no debris and also looks like it need to be in functioning shape, you can have corroded bearings. Bearings are an installed on the motor to minimize friction together the motor tower spins. If her bearings are worn out, you’ll need to adjust them or change the whole motor—unfortunately, lubrication won’t do.

The instead of bearings themselves are relatively inexpensive, yet the job gets tough. A instead of install requires a one-of-a-kind bearing puller, and two different bearing sizes. Prior to calling that a shed cause—or phone call a professional—use a hammer to tap the top of the engine casing a couple of times to dislodge built-up rust within the motor. While not guaranteed, this cheat is so straightforward it’s precious a try. If this works, take into consideration yourself lucky.

Above-ground pumps are infamous for not starting up due to electrical issues. Shot the Copper Force over Ground swimming pool Pump, which has a start capacitor come circumvent this really issue. Follow to client Doug Paar, “The pump is really quiet and has good pressure. I would certainly recommend.”

No Luck? If her Pump is Shot, acquire on Track.

If you’re still here, I have actually some tough talk: you’re going to require a new pump. But the end of one era is the start of great opportunity. Take it this minute to obtain a serious upgrade for your pool and your wallet: a variable-speed pump will pay itself turn off in energy saved in under a year, and also is frequently eligible for rebates. Just make sure you acquire one v a life time warranty, so you never have to come to this article again. I’ll miss out on you! 


You go Swimmingly.

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You sorted out your pool pump and also prevented an inadvertent, huge pond from stinking up her backyard—that’s incredible. Currently that you a certifiable swimming pool pump detective, you’re prepared to handle any type of pool problem that comes her way. In the meantime, friend let go of the happy swimming memories you dubbed to mind when we started—it’s time to make new ones. Enjoy.