article Cereal baseball cards were numerous Baby Boomers" first sports collectibles, published on the earlier of cereal boxes fairly than requiring different purchases. Plenty of Boomers space still acquiring over the shock that finding their beloved childhood items are now on revenue in neck stores, and also even younger Millennials are reconciling through the fact that their childhood baseball cards are now vintage collectibles. Take it a look in ~ the sports cards that assisted a famous grain brand stand out.

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write-up Cereal Baseball map Sets: 1960 and also 1961

These to be sets of baseball cards, including a selection of 200 different cards, all printed on the backs of post cereal boxes. Because of this, complete sets in mint problem are extremely difficult to find, as couple of kids actually did what parents and also teachers always tell them come do: reduced carefully and also stay appropriate on the line. Sporting activities memorabilia appraisers typically value this early, complete sets indigenous $1,000 to $3,000, depending on condition. Separation, personal, instance cards typically cost between $15 and $40 because that lesser recognized players, with much more renowned hefty hitters" individual cards getting to prices upwards that $2,000.

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The 1962 Set

In 1962, write-up Cereal exit another collection of 200 cards. Most of this were printed on cereal boxes, yet the Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris cards to be instead inserted into the April 13, 1962 Life magazine. (This magazine is chin a collector"s item because the cover featured Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, then starring in both Cleopatra and also most gossip columns at the time). The prices because that cards from this year that room appraised in very good to excellent condition usually end up being in the $25-$50 range, however the Mickey Mantle cards perform sell because that $100-300, depending upon condition, according to collectible price guides.


The 1963 Set

There to be 206 cards in Post"s 1963 baseball cards series, and also because post put the most renowned players top top the most well-known cereals and also the least well-known on the least renowned cereals, numerous of the lesser-known players" cards are an extremely hard to find, and thus worth more than those of moderately familiar players.

few of the most valuable items from Post"s 1963 baseball card sets include Mickey Mantle and also Carl Yastrzemski, i m sorry each can sell for between $400 and also $500, respectively. Similarly, cards from popular players and also teams that room in an important condition have the right to fetch anywhere between $15-$100 depending on the seller"s market. You have the right to find much more about the pricing of all the short article Cereal baseball cards in sporting activities memorabilia price guides.


The 1970s -1990s Sets

~ 1963, post discontinued releasing any an ext baseball cards till 1979, when the firm printed 12 cards on boxes of Raisin Bran cereal. Short article didn"t placed much initiative into either creating or marketing these, and also the company didn"t get earlier into the collectible baseball cards sector until it developed 30-card sets starting in 1990, and also continued each year to 1995. Interestingly, this initiative touched on a growing cultural fervor through trading cards that would certainly reach a peak by the late-1990s with cards favor Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

this baseball cards native the very first half of the 1990s were the an initial cards the the company detailed in the an ext traditional three-card cellophane packs that come stored inside the crate of grain instead of published on the boxes themselves. Generally, this cards native the 1990s aren"t worth practically as lot as their predecessors, with cards usually selling in individual auctions for about $10-$15.


The 2001 Set

In 2001, short article baseball cards were revitalized by the breakfast firm with the release of 30 brand-new cards, every issued in nine of their popular cereals:

Alpha Bits Marshmallow Alpha Bits gold Crisp Honeycomb Oreo O"s Fruity Pebbles Cocoa Pebbles CinnaCrunch Pebbles Waffle fresh

Like many collectible producers, lock aimed this cards at both children and also to those who remember the nostalgia of the cards from their very own youth. Eighteen that the 30 cards featured modern-day players:

Moises Alou Barry bond Jermaine Dye Tony Gwynn Todd Helton Orlando Hernandez Barry Larkin Greg Maddux Pedro Martinez note McGwire Mike Piazza Manny Ramirez Alex Rodriguez Ivan Rodriguez Gary Sheffield Frank thomas Bernie Williams

The other eight cards were all from the hall of Fame, and also were packaged in Raisin Bran, Cinna-Cluster Raisin Bran, and also Honey Bunches the Oats cereal boxes:

Ernie financial institutions Jimmie Foxx Reggie Jackson Harmon Killebrew Willie McCovey frank Robinson Babe Ruth Mike Schmidt

Unfortunately, if you"re spring to offer your childhood arsenal of these at an early stage Millennium cards, don"t expect to get an impressive payout. These cards usually market for much less than $5 a piece, mostly due to their modern subjects and also lack the a buyer"s market.

The 2003 CD-ROM Set

in addition in 2003, RealNetworks produced a series of virtual article Cereal baseball cards top top CD-ROMs and also distributed these in selected grain lines, mainly in the really hopes of enticing collectors to i ordered it to its major League Baseball virtual services. If these space a distinct collectible, there hasn"t fairly been a activity for old technology collectibles favor CD-ROMs, definition that they"re something friend can find for a few dollars in your regional thrift shop or independent virtual retailers.

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commerce Baseball with the Ages

native cutting out the cards you yourself to win a three-pack compensation in her morning cereal, Post"s baseball trade cards have been catching a sense of nostalgia for kids from almost five decades. Trade cards have waxed and waned in popularity over the years, yet early examples have always remained collectible. So, take a look through the peak of your grandparent"s closet and see if girlfriend can find an old binder filled through trading cards indigenous the "60s; you could just earn yourself a nice holidays if you take place to uncover one that those rarely cards tucked away.

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