I know that Preset and Clear inputs space asynchronous inputs which way whenever Clock signal is low one of them deserve to immediately set the output to 1 (Preset) or to 0 (Clear) (assuming castle are active high inputs). But I wonder what happens as soon as one that those inputs has actually been collection to 1 as soon as Clock was 0 and also then Clock walk 1. Walk J and K ovewrite Preset/Clear or they have to be released to let J and K impact the output?


If Preset and also Clear space asynchronous, they will certainly be reliable regardless the the state the the clock.

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If you set "Clear" active, the flip-flop will certainly be cleared instantly regardless the the state the the clock, and will continue to be clear if the clock changes while clear is organized active.

A synchronous collection or Clear will only collection or clean the flip-flop on an proper clock edge.


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