Defective communication between your computer and your printer or All-in-One product can result in manifold symptoms, being the most common of them:
Reconnect the parallel or USB cable and try printing again. If printing is successful the cause of the issue may be a loose parallel or USB cable.

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Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer or All-in-One product, wait for a few seconds, and reconnect it. Restart your computer and try printing again.
Make sure no external devices are sharing the USB or parallel port with your printer or All-in-One product (e.g. USB hubs, storage devices, etc...). Remove any external devices, and connect the printer or All-in-One product directly to a USB or parallel port on the rear of your computer.
Make sure the cable is not too long (it should be shorter than 3 meters for parallel cables, and 1,80 meters for USB cords).
High-speed USB cables are labeled as USB 2.0 certified
Check if there are any devices around the USB or parallel cable that can cause electromagnetic interferences (these devices may be fluorescent or incandescent lamps, radios, TVs, cordless phones, wireless routers, microwaves or speakers). If there are any of such devices near the cable, power them off and restart the print job.
Make sure the printer or All-in-One product is not connected to a power strip or surge suppressor. Other devices connected to the same power strip may cause power fluctuations.
If your printer or All-in-One product is connected through a parallel port, make sure the following requirements are met:
The parallel cable must be IEEE-1284 compliant. This standard provides a better protection against electromagnetic interferences.

However, in order to change the parallel port mode it is necessary to access the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).
Consult the documentation provided with your computer or contact the manufacturer to learn how to access the BIOS on your computer.
Bidirectional communication permits the printer to send status information (e.g. cartridges ink level) to your computer.
Click the Windows icon (
) on the Windows taskbar, and select Control panel.
Vista: Under the Hardware and sound (
) category, click the Printer link.

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Vista Classic: Double-click the Printers icon (