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Page 1 ...(2) this vital to .u..scee..Ta.rAn..m.o.k.r.a..d.x.sp..A...s..h.v.......i.iB...A..bS..Dox.e......ca.B...e...i.A.i.ncve....i..B.ot.e.n.l..g.tl...oS.at tyour device"s brand in theBrand Code list section of them in accordance v Local and National Regulations. Battery Precautions: • do not mix old and also new...Code Search allows you should program the to regulate your other ha in ~ the sa5.Remote controls can be established by among this 3-device RCA universal Remote Control.Find your dev push tha keypad.7. Global Remote control Owner"s hands-on RCR314WR...

Page 6 ...pressing REAM, o operate. D the device. VD player hase the far is in the list using the straight Code entry Method, until you find the code that must it . • keep the remote far from state/province come you push a key...if in .• Make certain the remote is to manage the majority of your device features (for all brands. Part states/provinces perform not permit limitations on just how long an implied warranty large or the exemption or limitation the ...2013 Voxx equipment Corp. 3502 Woodview Trace, Suite 220 Indianapolis, IN 46268 Trademark(s) ® Registered RCR314WR us 04

Connect Rca Rcr314wz far To Rca880 Digital Converter BoxHow to connect an RCA RCR314WZ global Remote to a RCA880 Digital Converter crate ? code 52325 OR 53...

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