Geraniums and also camellias represent the redemptive qualities that are existing even in the most cruel and unsympathetic people. Mayella Ewell, Tom Robinson’s accuser, is in a selection of means a pitiful and unsavory character—and yet, like miss out on Maudie, she grow bright red geraniums in jars for her enjoyment and also for the enjoyment of everyone who passes her family’s home. Mrs. Dubose an in similar way is very proud of she camellias, despite likewise being very unpleasant, rude, and also racist individual. Due to the fact that of this, the flowers that both females grow come to symbolize their respective humanity, which difficulties Scout’s concept that people are all great or all bad. This supports the novel’s assertion that even individuals that seem, at first glance, to be horrible world who do and say unspeakable points aren’t entirely evil.

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The timeline listed below shows where the price Geraniums and Camellias shows up in To kill a Mockingbird. The fancy dots and icons suggest which themes are linked with the appearance.


...snaps. The grabs Scout’s baton, provides it to reduced the tops turn off of Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bushes, and also then snaps the baton. He beats up Scout and also they head home.(full context)

...don’t meet Atticus that evening. As soon as Atticus arrives house with the damaged baton and a camellia, Jem confesses, and also Atticus icily sends out him to apologize to Mrs. Dubose. Reconnaissance is terrified—she...(full context)
...this is why she had actually fits. She called him just before Jem cut down she camellias to do her will and also insisted that she’d die beholden come nothing—she wanted to overcome...(full context)
...and the garden is littered v refuse, but along one next of the fence, red geraniums bloom in slop jars. There are numerous children. Past the cabin is a neat...

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(full context)
...can tell that Mayella tries however fails to keep clean, and also she think of the geraniums in the Ewell yard. Mr. Gilmer asks Mayella to share what happened. Mayella timeless bursts...(full context)